Easing Your TMJ Pain

Many people are aware of the condition where the jaw joint directly in front of your ear begins to have complications that lead to pain and other problems. But few people know how this pain is caused, how it is fixed, or just how debilitating this condition can be for the person who is suffering from it. In fact, you probably didn’t know that a main cause for this grinding your teeth, largely ...

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Fill In Your Smile With Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are two procedures that we take great pride in performing at Oregon Smile Care Center. When your smile is in bad shape, sometimes you’ll need to have some work done to return your smile to its former greatness. Sometimes it may be filling a gap left by missing teeth, or sometimes it may be protecting a tooth that is suffering from decay. Whatever the case may be, we ...

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The Invisalign Advantage: Building A Better Life For Your Teen

If you are a parent in Salem, OR, and your teen needs to have orthodontic work done to improve their smile as they move toward adulthood, you are inevitably choosing the orthodontic option your child is going to have to live with for over a year. This can be a lot of pressure because you have no idea how this choice will affect them socially. The ideal choice should be something that straightens ...

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Hospitality: Sinking Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a condition that people suffer from in Salem, OR, and all around the world. It is the reason that many people let their oral health fall into disrepair. The fear generated when a person with dental anxiety makes a trip to the dentist often results in a doctor using sedation to deal with the anxiety by simply putting you in a state of complete relaxation. At Oregon Smile Care ...

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Whitening Your Teeth Equals Improved Confidence And An Improved Life

Many people suffer from a lack of confidence in Salem, OR, that for whatever reason holds them back from accomplishing things that they wish to accomplish in life. There are many reasons someone can suffer from low self-confidence, but a very common reason that this happens is because people think that they don’t look the way they should look. People can improve their appearance a few different ...

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Unequaled Oral Health Through Dental Exams And Cleanings

It is incredibly simple to maintain your oral health to the point where it is kept in check, and your overall health is not affected. It’s simple because almost everyone has been raised to brush their teeth regularly, but that is just part of what it takes to keep your oral health good. The other equally important aspect to keeping your oral health at an optimal level is to make appointments to ...

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Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome, patients, new and old, to Oregon Smile Care Center’s brand-new website! We have created this website for you so that your experience with Dr. Hanson and Oregon Smile Care Center is easier to navigate. We hope that by making your experience easier you’ll realize just how much we care about you! Finding out about our dental services and what makes our practice different is now quicker ...

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