You Can Remake Your Smile With A Dental Crown

You turn on the light to look in the mirror. It seems worse than you thought. That chip in your tooth, it’s more noticeable than you wanted to admit yesterday.
Now that you have gotten over the embarrassment of falling and hitting your mouth (which is how your tooth got chipped) you are really looking at how it has affected your smile.
It doesn’t hurt, which is a good thing, but that doesn’t make you feel any better about your smile. You would like to do something about this soon.
You want your old smile back.
That’s when you decide that you need to call Oregon Smile Care Center. You want to get a dental crown, and you know that they are a dentist office in Salem, OR, that you can trust to do the job right.
How A Dental Crown Can Help
The chip in your tooth is quite apparent when you open your mouth to speak or when you try to smile. In truth, it makes you want to avoid smiling.
Fortunately, restorative dentistry like dental crowns gives you a way to create your smile anew.
The first part of the process is to change the shape of your tooth. We want to remove the parts of your tooth that look misshapen. What’s left are healthy parts of your tooth that will support your dental crown.
Your dental crown will be designed to look like a real tooth. It will also allow you to bite and chew food, so you will retain the function of your tooth as well.
It may take a few weeks for a laboratory to craft your dental crown. In that interim period, we can place a temporary crown over your tooth to protect it until your permanent crown is ready.
When it is complete, we will bond the dental crown to your tooth. From that point on, many people you meet won’t be able to tell your dental crown apart from your natural teeth.
Types Of Dental Crowns
In addition to deciding to get a dental crown, you do have options with regard to the type of dental crown that you will receive.
Here are some of the options for your to consider:

  • All-ceramic crowns — If the damage is to your front teeth, this can be an excellent option. The ceramic can be shaded to match the color of nearby teeth, so it blends in naturally with your smile.
  • E.max crowns — E.max is a particular type of ceramic crown. Many dentists consider them to be superior in terms of aesthetics and durability.
  • Porcelain crowns — Porcelain has been used for dental restoration for several decades precisely because it looks much like natural teeth. With proper care, these can last for decades before they need to be replaced.
  • Zirconia crowns — If durability is your main priority, then zirconia crowns are a great option for you. These are less likely to break than other crowns, which makes them more likely to last longer as well.

When you come to get your dental crown, Dr. Hanson can explain the differences in greater detail so you can make an informed decision.
Other Reasons To Get A Dental Crown
We have used the example of a chipped or broken tooth as a reason why you may want to get a dental crown. This is just one reason that people get crowns, however.
In most instances, the process is fairly similar. The dentist removes a portion of the tooth. What’s left serves as the support for your dental crown.
Here are some other reasons you may consider getting a dental crown:

  • Misshapen teeth — This would be primarily a cosmetic reason to get a crown. You may have a tooth that is oddly shaped and has bothered you for years. A dental crown can change the appearance of that tooth.
  • Decayed teeth — If a cavity is too big for a filling, then a dental crown is the next alternative.
  • Discolored teeth — Individual teeth can become discolored. A dental crown can make your tooth match the rest of your smile.
  • Worn down teeth — Teeth can change shape over time depending on what you eat and your habits.
  • Cracked teeth — Even if a tooth doesn’t chip or break, it can crack. If the crack is deep enough, then a dental crown may be the best restorative option.

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Call (503) 809-4784 or use our online form to make an appointment at Oregon Smile Care Center. We want you to be happy with the smile that you see in the mirror.

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