Three Benefits Of Using Invisalign For Adults

Try to imagine a young professional who has been at her job for less than five years. In that time, she has demonstrated her determination, work ethic, and willingness to learn.
She has slowly started working her way up the ladder. In her new role, she will have more face-to-face contact with current and potential clients.
That’s also why she is a little concerned. You see, she has a problem with her teeth. When she looks in the mirror, she notices the gap in her smile and her crooked teeth.
She didn’t have braces as a teenager, and she would rather not get them now. Is there another way she could straighten her teeth, and still maintain her professional demeanor at work?
There is. It’s called Invisalign®, and if she lives near Salem, OR, she could talk to the dentist at Oregon Smile Care Center about how Invisalign could help her.
If she came to us for a consultation, here are some things we would want her to know.
Who Can Use Invisalign?
Invisalign is a great option for most people with teeth misalignment problems. It won’t work on severe cases, but those are rarer than you may realize. We can only think of a few patients who were not eligible to use this orthodontic treatment.
It’s a great option for many teenagers, and it’s an excellent choice for an adult, like the professional women in our example above.
Invisalign has been used to correct all of the following issues:
▷ Crooked teeth — This one is easy to understand. Most people don’t have perfectly straight teeth, but some people’s teeth are more crooked than they would like.
▷ Gaps between teeth — Tooth gaps can be distracting, and some people are bothered by the looks they get because of the extra space between two or more of their teeth.
▷ Crowded teeth — This is the opposite of the previous issue. People who have small jaws may not have enough room for their teeth to fit. This can cause their teeth to look pressed together or turned sideways.
▷ Overbites — This occurs when your top row of teeth stick out beyond your bottom row.
▷ Underbites — This is when the bottom row of teeth sticks out more than the top row.
▷ Crossbites — This happens when the top and bottom teeth overlap one another, which can cause teeth to wear down in places.
▷ Open bites — A patient with an open bite has teeth that don’t touch when he or she closes her jaw.
To put it simply, Invisalign can be used to fix a lot of the same issues that braces can.
Three Benefits Of Using Invisalign
For adults who are looking into orthodontic treatment, Invisalign does offer some clear advantages (pun intended) over braces.
Below we will discuss three of the biggest reasons why many adults prefer Invisalign to braces.
◼︎ Invisalign Is Clear
Invisalign works very different than traditional braces. With this system, you will receive a set of custom-designed plastic aligners to wear in sequence.
Each aligner pushes your teeth a little more until they reach their final, straight positions.
The aligners are made to be transparent. When you put in an aligner, it is invisible for most practical purposes. This means you can wear them in professional and social situations without drawing unwanted attention to your treatment.
Most people will never know that you are wearing an aligner unless you take it out in front of them. That brings us to our next benefit.
◼︎ Invisalign Is Convenient
You will need to wear your aligners most of the time to get the results that you want to see. However, you may remove the aligners for up to two hours every day without affecting your progress.
What can you do during those two hours? For starters, you can eat. And unlike with braces, you can eat anything that you want to eat.
Second, you can brush and floss your teeth. This is another benefit over braces, which may require you to use special tools to remove food particles that may have become stuck.
◼︎ Invisalign Saves Time
For many adults, this is the biggest benefit. On average, braces need about two years to finish moving your teeth. The average Invisalign patient needs about half that time.
If the woman in our example started wearing Invisalign aligners today, but this time next year, she could have her new and improved smile. That could give her a boost of confidence to keep her climbing higher within her company.
Find Out If Invisalign Could Help You
If you are interested in a discreet, simple, and short-term method of straightening your teeth, make plans to visit Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem for a consultation. Our dentist can determine if you are eligible to use Invisalign and give you the information you need to decide if it is the right option for you.
By calling (503) 809-4784 or filling out our online form today, you could begin your journey to your new smile.

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