Feel Better About Your Smile With Veneers

We named our practice Oregon Smile Care Center for a reason. We care about our patients, and we love to see them smile.
Unfortunately, many people don’t like to share those smiles. To be honest, we have had patients who were downright embarrassed to show us their teeth the first time they came to see us.
However, we are happy to report that we have helped many patients become more comfortable and confident with their smiles through our cosmetic dentistry.
Veneers are one of the best cosmetic options that we offer at our dentist office for our patients in and around Salem, OR. Today’s post will focus on the many ways that veneers can transform your smile.
They might even change your self-confidence, just as they have done for other patients.
How Veneers Work
Describing veneers can be done with a couple comparisons.
If your teeth were a house, then veneers would be like new siding. The foundational structure would still be there underneath, the exterior would look different.
If you have seen a house before and after it got new siding, then you know how different it can look. Veneers can make that same kind of transformation for your teeth.
Veneers also have been compared to fake fingernails. As fake fingernails are bonded to your real ones, so too are veneers bonded to the front of your teeth.
We do need to point out one really big difference, however. Veneers can last for decades with proper care. We are pretty sure fake fingernails anywhere close to that long.
To get veneers, we prepare your teeth by removing a small portion of enamel. Then we take impressions, which are used to create custom-fitted veneers that we can bond directly to your teeth.
At our practice, our veneers are made with e.max materials. These look remarkably like real teeth so your new smile will still look natural.
It’s just as important to point out that e.max veneers are strong and durable as well. They will be doing all the things that your teeth do now, and they can hold up against the daily grind of biting and chewing.
See What’s Possible Before You Decide
More than likely, you would not buy a house sight unseen. You would want to examine it to make sure it meets you and your family’s needs.
Likewise, most people like to take automobiles for test drives before they commit to buying one. You want to get a feel for how the car handles and how comfortable it is to sit behind the wheel.
We offer a way for you do see what veneers can do for you, too. Using a mold of your teeth, we can create a wax version of what your veneers could look like. We can use the wax version to should you how different your teeth could look with your veneers.
This way you have a good idea what the final result will be before you commit time and money to getting your veneers.
Ways Veneers Could Change Your Smile
Now we get to the best part. You may have been looking at your smile for years wishing you could make some changes.
Maybe you are looking at a mirror now trying to decide what you would like to be different about your smile.
Keep those things in mind as you read about what veneers can do for you:
➤ Veneers can close gaps between your teeth.
The technical term for gaps between teeth is diastema. This can be caused by the structure of your mouth, or they can develop as a result of habitual behaviors.
➤ Veneers can make your teeth appear evenly spaced.
Crowded teeth are a problem for many patients. With veneers, your teeth can look uniformly spaced and parallel to each other.
➤ Veneers can give you a straight smile.
If your teeth are crooked, veneers can give you the appearance of a perfectly straight smile.
➤ Veneers can fix chipped teeth.
Your teeth may not be as whole as they use to be. Broken, chipped, and worn down teeth can be restored with our veneers.
➤ Veneers can whiten your teeth.
Whether you have stained teeth or discolored teeth for another reason, veneers can give you as smile as white and bright as you would like.
Make Your Dream Smile A Reality
At Oregon Smile Center, we want you to have the smile that you’ve been dreaming about, and we are confident that we can help with veneers or another cosmetic service.
If you live in or near Salem, OR, our dentist can help if you use our online appointment form or call (503) 809-4784 to schedule your consultation.

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