Boost Your Confidence with Gum Reshaping in Salem, OR

Healthy teeth are a big part of a beautiful smile. But what if your teeth aren’t so easy to see because your gums are overshadowing them? You may need gum reshaping or gummy smile treatment in Salem, OR. It can change your gumline so you can:
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  • Feel better about smiling
  • Stop smiling with your lips closed
  • Improve your overall appearance and confidence

If you are interested in this service, make plans to visit Oregon Smile Care Center. Call 503.809.4784 today to schedule your appointment soon.

Redefine Your Smile

Our treatment for gummy smiles can be completed in a single visit for most patients. This procedure also can be done painlessly with local anesthetic or dental sedation. When you are numb, we can carefully remove unwanted gum tissue with our soft-tissue laser. By using the laser, we can carefully get rid of gum tissue, so your teeth are more noticeable when you smile. The laser seals your healthy tissue at the same time. This reduces your recovery time since stitches are not needed in a vast majority of cases. Gum contouring could be just the service you’ve been seeking. You can get it by itself, or you can combine it with other cosmetic services. Whether you are looking for a small change or a complete smile makeover, this could be just what you need.

Reveal Your Teeth to the World

In our experience, many patients with gummy smiles feel uncomfortable in face-to-face situations. Several of them have spoken about how they try to hide their smiles in social situations. Those who have changed their smiles also feel better about being themselves. Don’t give up on having a great smile. Talk to one of our doctors about our laser gum reshaping and gummy smile treatment in Salem, OR. Call Oregon Smile Care Center Center at 503.809.4784 to create the smile you want to see in the mirror.

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