Experience Great Dental Care for All Ages with Family Dentistry in Salem, OR

Family dentistry in Salem, OR means having a local dental office that handles all aspects of your oral care — and for everyone in your family. Oregon Smile Care Center has worked tirelessly to provide a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. Here’s what to expect from our family dental care:
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  • An inviting, nonjudgmental dental office
  • Appointments for everyone in your family, often at the same time
  • Comfortable amenities and goodies for youngsters
  • Elite technology to improve diagnostics and prevention
  • Orthodontic care and restorative dentistry to fix any dental problems
  • Flexible payment options to eliminate billing surprises

Our team is constantly staying on the cutting edge of dentistry. Give us a call today at 503.809.4784 to book a visit.

Prevent Dental Problems with Advanced Treatment

Both children and adults need a gentle dentist to oversee their treatment. The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring their children for their first dental visit at the age of 1. We have a children’s play area, and most of our dental team have kids of their own, so your loved ones will be in good hands. Our number one goal is to prevent dental issues to keep patients out of pain and limit treatment times and costs. The keys to prevention include:

  • Advanced Exams — Your exams include digital X-rays and state-of-the-art dental cleanings and exams, along with prevention methods. All patients have access to fluoride — proven to reduce risk of tooth decay — and dental sealants, which cover teeth and block out cavities. Kids’ exams can take as little as 30 minutes thanks to our skilled team.
  • High-Tech Tools — We’re using revolutionary handheld devices to diagnose the smallest traces of dental decay or even oral cancers. For children who are tongue-tied or lip-tied, we can quickly correct those issues with a painless laser!
  • Mouthguards — Are you or your youngster active in sports or weekend warriors? Protect your teeth with a custom mouthguard. We offer free mouthguards to children once a year at their regular dental cleaning and exam appointment.

Restore Dental Problems with Durable, Lifelike Solutions

As we age, our dental needs begin to change. Patients often need fillings or even more advanced restorative dental treatments the older they get. From repairing a damaged tooth to replacing a missing tooth, Oregon Smile Care Center is the place for you and your family. You might need a dental crown if you have a tooth that cannot be restored with a filling or if you have had root canal therapy. Our practice is unique because we have a variety of dental crowns (porcelain crowns, all-ceramic nonmetal crowns, zirconia crowns, and even implant-supported crowns). We’ll make sure you have the right dental crown for your needs. If you or your teen has crooked teeth, we also offer Invisalign orthodontic treatment. This is quicker, more discreet, and more affordable than traditional options. We’re proud to offer comprehensive family dentistry in Salem, OR for you and your loved ones. Give us a call today at 503.809.4784 to request your dental appointments.

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