Protect Your Smile with Tooth Fillings in Salem, OR

Nobody wants tooth decay, but statistics show that more than 9 in 10 people will get cavities at one time or another. Hopefully, you are the 1 in 10 who doesn’t. Just in case you are part of the majority, you can get tooth fillings in Salem, OR. They can:
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  • Restore your smile
  • Stop your pain
  • Prevent more damage

Tooth-colored dental fillings are a simple but effective part of our restorative dentistry. To get one or to replace an old filling, call 503.809.4784 to plan your visit to Oregon Smile Care Center.

Repair Your Tooth Today

As you read, tooth decay is pretty common across the United States. If you have a cavity, it’s OK. We can help.You also will be happy to know that our fillings are not made with metal (gold or amalgam). Instead, we use a composite resin. When this is applied to your tooth, it can be shaded to match the color of your smile. When polished, our white fillings blend seamlessly with your tooth, so other people won’t be able to tell that you had a cavity.If you had a cavity years ago, you may have a filling that is showing signs of wear and tear. If it’s time to replace that worn-out filling, then a composite resin filling could be the perfect replacement option. It offers the same protection as metal fillings but without becoming a distraction when you speak or smile.

Mend Your Tooth & Preserve Your Smile

Tooth decay can turn into much bigger problems if you don’t deal with it. A cavity can lead to an infection, which may require a root canal or, worse, a tooth extraction. While we can handle either of those situations, it’s better for you to fix the problem early.By getting tooth fillings in Salem, OR, you can save time, trouble, and your smile. To fill your cavity or replace an old filling, call 503.809.4784 now to make an appointment at Oregon Smile Care Center.

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