Win by Losing with Tooth Removal in Salem, OR

Most of the time, you should keep your teeth in your mouth. However, you could experience a problem in which tooth removal in Salem, OR is the best option. Taking out teeth can:

  • End your pain
  • Help you prepare for tooth replacement or other treatment
  • Prevent long-term oral health issues
  • If you have a tooth that can’t be saved, talk to Dr. Sean Hanson or Dr. Michelle Kirkpatrick soon. Call 503.809.4784 to schedule a consultation at Oregon Smile Care Center. If it’s an emergency, we offer 24-hour phone service, so don’t hesitate to call!
  • Eliminate Oral Health Problems
  • You may need to get your teeth removed for a variety of reasons. We can handle most kinds of tooth extractions at our practice. These include:
  • Crowded Teeth — For patients preparing for orthodontic care, such as Invisalign, removing a problematic tooth or teeth can make treatment easier and more effective.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth — When third molars come in wrong, taking them out can keep you from experiencing pain and an increased risk of cavities and other issues.
  • Severely Infected Teeth — If we can save a tooth with a root canal, we will. But there are times when an infection makes a tooth too weak to keep.
  • Severely Damaged Teeth — As we mentioned, we would rather help you keep your teeth. Unfortunately, a bad break or crack can make a tooth unfixable.
  • For the last two situations, you should consider replacing your extracted teeth. You can get dental implants to support your crown, bridge, or dentures as part of our restorative dentistry care.

Stay Comfortable During Your Tooth Extraction

  • If you need a tooth taken out, it’s possible and even likely that you’ve been dealing with pain. That may cause you to feel a little anxious about an extraction procedure. You need to know that your comfort is always a priority for us. It’s why we offer sedation and local anesthetic to keep you pain-free throughout your procedure.
  • Quit fighting with failing and painful teeth. Before your problems get worse, ask about our tooth removal in Salem, OR. Call 503.809.4784 or contact Oregon Smile Care Center online to request your appointment.

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