Enjoy Smiling Again with Dentures in Salem, OR

Losing teeth does not have to mean losing your smile. With our modern dentures in Salem, OR, you can re-create your natural-looking smile. At our dental office, these teeth replacements can:

  • Improve your appearance
  • Let you eat normally again
  • Restore your confidence

Missing teeth affect people physically and emotionally. Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center wants you to feel complete again. Call 503.809.4784 to let us help you find the right type of dentures for your needs. We can also repair your current set of replacement teeth.

Take Advantage of Your Teeth Replacement Options

Restorative dentistry is not just about bringing back your smile. It’s also about giving you back your ability to eat and speak naturally. At our practice, you have choices when it comes to your replacement teeth:

  • Traditional Full Dentures— If you are missing a complete arch of teeth, full dentures can fill that empty space in your smile.
  • Partial Dentures — If you are missing multiple teeth, partial dentures can close the gaps between the healthy teeth you still have.
  • Implant-Supported & Implant-Retained DenturesDental implants take the place of the roots of missing teeth. They can make a denture stable, strong, and secure so it functions like healthy, natural teeth. You can even eliminate the need for adhesives.
  • Temporary Dentures — While your permanent set of teeth are being made, temporary dentures can keep you smiling.

Don’t Live With Loose-Fitting Dentures

It’s normal for traditional dentures to wear down or fit differently over time. In fact, most people need to replace or reline their dentures every five to seven years. If you’ve had your dentures for five years or more, we could help. Denture repair is an important part of the restorative care that we provide for our patients. Your replacement teeth can feel comfortable and fit snugly with a new base. This makes it easier to bite and chew, too. If you have questions about dentures in Salem, OR, makes plans to visit us. We have answers and can help you get new teeth that look and feel like the real thing. Call Oregon Smile Care Center at 503.809.4784 to get started on your new smile.

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