Ease Your Jaw Pain in Salem, OR

Jaw pain in Salem, OR can be a real problem. It can make it difficult to eat. It can leave you feeling like you can’t or don’t want to speak. The pain can be a distraction in your everyday life. It also could be a symptom of teeth grinding and a sign that you could use TMJ treatment at our dental office. By getting this care, you could:

  • Bite and chew comfortably again
  • Protect your smile
  • End your suffering

You should not fight with soreness on a daily basis. Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center can help. Just call 503.809.4784 to schedule a consultation.

Look Forward to a Pain-Free Life With TMJ Solutions

You could be among the tens of millions of people who grind their teeth. Many people do this in their sleep without realizing it. Fortunately, we have solutions to help you protect your teeth from the damage of teeth grinding and alleviate the pressure you’re putting on your jaw joints.

  • Night guards — You wear this custom-fitted oral appliance while you sleep to prevent your top and bottom teeth from touching one another.
  • Splints — These prevent your molars from touching, which eases pressure on your jaw joints and nearby tissues.
  • Day guards — This appliance keeps your jaw in a position that reduces strain on your jaw muscles and tendons. It should be removed for eating and oral hygiene.
  • Orthodontics — If the alignment of your teeth is contributing to your jaw pain, treatments like Invisalign can help.

Jaw pain in Salem, OR can develop as a result of a combination of factors. Teeth grinding, bite alignment issues, as well as arthritis, illnesses, and injuries could all play a role in your situation. Our doctors at Oregon Smile Care Center can help diagnose and treat your situation. Call 503.809.4784 if you’re ready to feel normal again.

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