Shape Up Your Smile With Gum Reshaping

Spring is just around the corner! As the weather slowly starts to warm up with the changing season, you might be thinking about rededicating yourself to getting in shape for those swimsuits. Good news!
Today, we’re going to help you shape up, and it won’t involve a single sit up!
We’re talking about shaping up your smile with gum reshaping. This is a type of cosmetic procedure, also called gummy smile treatment or gum contouring, that involves removing excess gum tissue covering your teeth.
When you think of cosmetic dentistry, you probably imagine procedures that only have to do with your teeth, specifically. You might think of veneers, dental bonding, dental crowns, or teeth whitening. But gum contouring can be a great way to completely transform your smile’s appearance without doing anything to change your teeth at all.
Let’s begin with a little warm up so you understand exactly what this procedure is and what it involves.
What Is Gum Reshaping And How Can It Improve Someone’s Smile?
If your teeth are pretty well-aligned, but you still aren’t happy about the look of your smile, it might be because you have a gummy smile. This could be because you have extra gum tissue that covers your teeth, making them appear disproportionately small.
It could also mean that you actually do have small teeth. Or perhaps it means that you have a short upper lip. In any case, the reasons behind a gummy smile are usually genetic. But if you think that means there’s nothing you can do about it, think again!
At Oregon Smile Care Center, gum contouring is something our highly skilled dentist, Dr. Hanson, performs all the time. It’s a fairly simple procedure that can often be completed in just one office visit.
Thanks to our advanced technology, Dr. Hanson is able to provide this treatment using a laser and local anesthetic that renders it a virtually painless procedure. Although your gums might be a bit sore for a few days after you receive treatment, your gums can heal very quickly.
Once you’ve healed, you’ll be ready to enjoy your new and improved smile! People may not even be able to put their finger on what’s different about you, but they’ll notice the improvement. If you spent a long time feeling embarrassed about your gummy smile, your gum contouring procedure can help boost your confidence and improve your overall quality of life.
If I Don’t Have A Gummy Smile, Can I Still Benefit From Gum Reshaping?
The answer is absolutely! Gum reshaping is often combined with other cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile as much as possible.
If you’ve opted for veneers, for example, it’s possible that Dr. Hanson may need to perform gum contouring in order to give him more of your tooth to work with when it comes to bonding the thin veneers to your teeth.
For similar reasons, Dr. Hanson can combine gum contouring with other cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign, teeth whitening, or a total smile makeover. It all depends on your smile goals. That’s one of the benefits of trusting our team. We go out of our way to take our time with you and to discuss the treatment that’s best for your individual needs. We take your oral health and your smile very seriously and will do all we can to give you the smile of your dreams!
Our caring team of professionals at Oregon Smile Center understand that some people are really uncomfortable with the thought having any dental work done because they’re afraid of pain or have some form of dental anxiety. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help.
When you sit down for a consultation with Dr. Hanson, feel free to talk to him about your fears and concerns. He will take his time with you and explain all phases of your treatment plan so that you feel more comfortable. If you’re still feeling anxious, our compassionate staff will go above and beyond to ease your fears with such comfort options as relaxing music, television, and refreshments.
To learn more about gummy smile treatment, or any of our other cosmetic options, call Oregon Smile Care Center today at (503) 809-4784 or use our online contact form. We’ll help you shape up your smile!

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