Why Parents Love Bringing Their Kids To Dr. Hanson [Video]

In today’s video blog, Shelbie recalls how her young daughter’s first dental checkup with Dr. Hanson was a positive, fun experience. Isn’t it nice to have a warm, friendly staff who cares about building trust with all the littles in your family?
We understand how parents feel when it’s time for the kids’ doctor and dentist appointments. There is always some level of apprehension about whether everything will go smoothly. You’re not sure if your child will be too scared, and you worry about how you’ll handle it if they have a meltdown in the waiting room.
At Oregon Smile Care Center, you can trust that Dr. Hanson and our friendly team will do all we can to create a fun, positive experience for your children. Let us help everyone in your family achieve their best oral health! Call us today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule a dental cleaning and exam.

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