Achieve a Great Night’s Rest by Treating Sleep Apnea in Salem, OR

Loud snoring or tossing and turning might be a sign of sleep apnea, a serious condition that affects your oral health and overall health. Untreated sleep apnea in Salem, OR can be an annoyance to your sleep partner and increase your risk of serious problems like heart disease and diabetes.
Treating your snoring and sleep issues benefits your life in these ways:

  • More restful, sound sleep throughout the night
  • Improved focus and mental stability
  • Decreased risk of life-threatening overall health problems
  • Relief for your bed partner and the rest of your family

Oregon Smile Care Center goes beyond providing general dentistry. That’s why we also focus on resolving your sleep issues and reducing the risk of potentially dangerous problems. Give us a call today 503.809.4784 to schedule a consultation. If we suspect apnea, we can give you a take-home screening that will reveal your sleep patterns.

Treat Sleep Problems with a Comfortable Oral Appliance

A CPAP machine is the most common way to treat sleep apnea. This machine has been used for decades, but patients find this treatment uncomfortable because it requires a mask, hose, and noisy motor. Not surprisingly, studies have found that CPAP treatment has a compliance rate of about 50 percent. We hate hearing that, and so instead of doubling down with uncomfortable treatments, we have adopted a new treatment.
Oregon Smile Care Center can craft a custom oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea sufferers to wear at night. The TAP appliance gently moves the lower jaw forward to keep the airway open while you sleep. Patients get used to the appliance almost immediately and see an elimination in their snoring and sleep apnea episodes!

Don’t Underestimate This Dangerous Sleep Disorder

There are two types of sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea, though obstructive is the most common. Both types occur whenever you experience pauses in breathing. Not only does this cause people to snore or wake up gasping for air, but these pauses in breathing will cause your blood pressure to rise. A person with serious sleep apnea symptoms will experience more than 30 episodes an hour.
Studies have shown that long-term untreated apnea increases a person’s risk for weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. Men older than 40 face the higher risk of this sleep disorder, but anyone can have it.
Don’t let sleep issues destroy your health or your relationships. You can achieve a good night’s rest and reduce your risk of potentially life-threatening issues when you’re treated for sleep apnea in Salem, OR. Call us today at 503.809.4784 to book a visit. Oregon Smile Care Center can quickly screen your sleep issue and establish an effective treatment plan.

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