Get Your Sweetheart Back With Sleep Apnea Treatment! [BLOG]

Greetings, from your friends at Oregon Smile Care Center! We hope you and your special someone had a lovely Valentine’s Day! It’s always fun to celebrate the love you share with another person and to keep the romance alive.   
But we know that there are plenty of people out there who are glad it’s over. Surprisingly, it’s not just singles who aren’t sad to see the holiday of love come to an end.
It’s probably just as contemptible to those among the nearly 25% of couples who’ve been sleeping in separate rooms because of sleep apnea problems !
If your hopes for a reconnection and renewed intimacy with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day went unfulfilled, it’s time to visit Oregon Smile Care Center for an evaluation with Dr. Hanson.
We can get to the bottom of your loud snoring, fatigue, irritability, and other destructive sleep apnea symptoms. You can find rest and relief with customized, effective solutions in Salem, OR so that you can live a healthier, more fulfilling life with the person you love most!

Get Your Sweetheart Back With Sleep Apnea Treatment!

Maybe you have already tried to do something about your snoring and sleep problems, but the CPAP machine your doctor recommended sits in the closet collecting dust. Or perhaps you know enough about CPAP machines to think it might not be right for you.
We wouldn’t be surprised, if that were the case. That’s because many CPAP recipients eventually stop using it, even though it’s highly effective in helping patients breathe and sleep more easily. With all the parts, the mask, the maintenance, and the noise, this treatment method may serve its medical purpose, but not do much at all to bring your spouse back to the bedroom at night.
Dr. Hanson can evaluate you for obstructive sleep apnea and offer you a quieter treatment option that will benefit you and your spouse! Instead of a noisy machine, he can create a mouthguard that will keep your lower jaw in a better position for easy breathing at night.  With an oral appliance, called TAP, you get a custom-fit, comfortable solution to your snoring problem, a better night’s sleep, and your sweetheart back at your side!

Don’t Waste Another Day!

You and your spouse have lost enough time because of the destructive symptoms of sleep apnea.
Don’t waste another day with your sweetheart! Get the help you need with our sleep apnea solutions at Oregon Smile Care Center and start living and loving in a more meaningful way again.
Call our Salem, OR dental office today at 503-837-2718 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hanson.

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