Your Teeth Shouldn’t Hurt At Thanksgiving! [BLOG]

Thanksgiving dinner is just another meal… said no person ever!
We all look forward to filling our plates with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese, right?
Then maybe it’s time you visited Dr. Hanson at Oregon Smile Care Center so he can get to the bottom of your tooth pain and sensitivity so you can enjoy the holiday season comfortably!

Why Your Teeth Hurt & How We Can Help

Here are a few reasons your teeth hurt and some of the ways we can help restore your smile back to its sparkling, healthy state:

You Might Have A Cavity

If you have a tooth that hurts when you bite down on it as you’re chewing, it could just mean that you have a cavity.
It’s certainly not a big deal, since we can treat cavities easily when they’re small with tooth-colored fillings, but not treating tooth decay can become a serious problem.
Giving bacteria enough time to eat away at a tooth could leave you with insufficient healthy enamel for a regular filling, which means you would have to rely on a dental crown to preserve it. That can be a much costlier solution, and one that you would want to avoid around the holidays!

Your Tooth Might Be Infected

Any weak spots in your tooth enamel, whether it’s from decay, acids, or a fracture, are vulnerable to bacteria. When inside, it can create an infection that puts pressure on the root and sensitive nerves that live there.
Talk about painful! Some patients describe it as a pulsating or throbbing kind of pain, and it is often unresponsive to over-the-counter pain relievers.
With a root canal treatment and dental crown, we can remove the infection and keep it from returning, preserving the tooth, your health, and your smile!

You Could Have Gum Disease

One of the consequences of gum disease that can cause pain and discomfort, aside from inflammation of those soft tissues, is recession. This is where infection eats away at your gums and pulls them away from your teeth, which can expose your tooth roots.
So you might experience some tooth sensitivity when you eat or drink something that’s too hot or too cold.
We can restore your oral health and relieve that pain with our nonsurgical gum disease treatment. Called scaling and root planing, we will clean deep below the gumline to remove the infection and smooth out the surfaces of your roots so healthy new tissue can grow back.

You Might Benefit From A Mouthguard

Grinding your upper and lower teeth together, probably while you’re asleep, can have a widespread impact on your life and your dental health.
You may have headaches or migraines that come on frequently, or you might feel a chronic soreness in your jaw. Your dentist can spot other signs of teeth grinding like chipped tooth enamel or worn edges.
Since you might be grinding your teeth involuntarily, you can’t really stop the behavior on your own.
Dr. Hanson can fit you for a mouthguard you wear during the day, or one you wear at night, to alleviate the pressure on your jaw joint and prevent dental damage that can lead to painful problems with your teeth.

Fix Your Dental Problem Now!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are some of the best holidays of the year, not just for all the delicious food you get to eat, but because of the way they bring family and friends together.
Make sure you’re not in pain or insecure about your smile because of easily treatable dental problems! We can restore your teeth and give you a healthy, bright smile for a more enjoyable holiday season.
To schedule an appointment in Salem, call Oregon Smile Care Center today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form.

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