When Dental Veneers Might Be A Good Option

If you have teeth, then you probably want to keep them healthy.
You probably want your teeth to look nice, too. While this can mean different things to different people, it’s pretty safe to say that most people would prefer to have teeth that are white and straight.
If your teeth fall short of what you would like them to look like, you don’t need to worry, especially if you live in or near Salem, OR.
You can contact the Oregon Smile Care Center and ask about our cosmetic dentistry, including dental veneers.
What Are Dental Veneers?
Today, our focus will be on dental veneers. Often these can be used as an alternative to other cosmetic services.
We will explain when you might want to consider dental veneers. But first, we want to explain what veneers are.
You may have heard of veneers that are used in furniture making. In this case, veneers are thin strips of wood that are applied to the exterior of an object. This give the piece the appearance of being made of the wood used for the veneers.
Dental veneers are similar. When these veneers are bonded to your teeth, they change the appearance of your smile.
Dental veneers are made of materials that look like natural teeth. With proper care, they can last for years.
We may remove a small portion of the enamel on the front of your teeth to prepare you teeth for your veneers. This is done so the veneers can change the appearance of your smile without affecting your profile.
The process can be completed in just a few weeks, and each set of veneers is custom-made for the patient who is receiving them.
When Are Veneers Used?
Now, we have come to the thing you most want to know: when veneers could help you. In many cases, veneers are just one of the options for addressing a particular problem.
◼︎ Crooked teeth
One way to make your teeth look straighter is to actually straighten your teeth. At our office, we offer Invisalign as a service to do this.
By wearing a series of aligners, you can push your teeth into new positions so that your teeth sit parallel to one another. Typically, this takes about a year, but the actual time of your treatment can vary depending on how crooked your teeth are.
Veneers won’t make your teeth straighter, but they can make your smile look straight. Instead of wearing aligners, you can have veneers bonded to the front of your smile.
With this service, you can change your smile in a few weeks rather than a year or so.
◼︎ Gaps between teeth
This is similar to crooked teeth.
Invisalign can push your teeth closer together gradually. This will close the gap and create more uniform spacing between your teeth.
On the other hand, veneers can be used to conceal the gap. When your veneers are bonded to your teeth, your smile will look evenly spaced.
◼︎ Discolored teeth
Stains are the first thing that come to mind when people think of discolored teeth. It’s normal for our teeth to turn yellower or darker as we get older.
Professional teeth whitening can be an effective treatment to remove stains that have taken years to develop.
Veneers can address this problem by hiding your teeth behind a sparkling white, bright facade. Veneers have the added benefit of being stain resistant, which means your smile can stay whiter for a longer time with proper care.
◼︎ Chipped teeth
Think about how a new tool looks when you buy it. Now imagine that tool after you have used it several times a day for years or decades. You would expect some wear and tear.
Well, our teeth are tools that happen to be part of our bodies. We used these tools in the ways they were intended (to bite and chew food) and in ways they weren’t (to hold and open things).
Along the way, our teeth may become worn down or piece may chip away.
If the chipping is noticeable, you may consider dental bonding or a dental crown to repair individual teeth. If the wear and tear is more spread out over several teeth, then veneers can provide you a way to “fix” them all at the same time.
Could Veneers Help You?
The best way to find out is to make an appointment at Oregon Smile Care Center. Our dentist can discuss the things you would like to change and help you decide if veneers or another cosmetic service can give you the smile that you want to see.
If you live in or near Salem, OR, contact us online or call (503) 809-4784 to request a consultation.

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