Update Your Old Metal Fillings This Spring [BLOG]

You might be considering doing some upgrades around the house this spring. It’s a pretty popular time for people to put ‘out with the old, in with the new’ into practice.
You can do the same for your smile when you come to Oregon Smile Care Center!
Dr. Hanson and our team can replace old metal fillings that darken your bright smile with our more aesthetically pleasing tooth-colored fillings!

Here’s The Problem With Old Metal Fillings

Dental fillings are a necessity. In fact, filling a cavity is one of the most common dental treatments among adults and kids alike.
But like anything else, dentistry has seen major improvements over the years that allow patients to treat tooth decay, cavities, and infections without sacrificing their overall look.
That’s because rather than silver dental fillings of the past, Dr. Hanson uses a tooth-colored resin to repair teeth, preserve your oral health, and keep your smiling looking great.

Reasons To Replace Old Fillings

None of the arguments we present in today’s blog in favor of replacing metal fillings is meant to suggest that they’re any kind of risk to you or that they aren’t effective.
What we want you to be aware of is the option itself.
Many people who come to us complaining about an old filling don’t have any issues with how it’s holding up.
But perhaps it’s located in a place in their mouth that’s visible when they smile or speak to others, and therefore, it becomes a source of embarrassment.
That’s why our patients are always pleased to hear about our more modern solution for previously treated teeth.
Using a composite resin that closely matches the color of natural teeth, Dr. Hanson treats a problem tooth and then fills in that portion with the material. He then smoothes over the area so that it blends seamlessly into your smile so no one will even notice you had work done.

*Knowing When It’s Time For A Smile Upgrade*

The first factor Dr. Hanson must consider when it comes to replacing metal fillings is your oral health. He has the skills and experience to know whether or not it would put your teeth and gums at risk or if such an upgrade could, in fact, preserve your dental health.
Upon thorough examination at Oregon Smile Care Center, Dr. Hanson will be checking on the condition of your old restorations to see if there are trouble signs, like:
-Cracks or breaks
-Normal wear
The most important thing is your health, so any restoration, no matter its composition, should be replaced if it’s about to fail.
The last thing you want to happen is for the previously treated tooth is exposed and vulnerable to damage, decay, or infection, all of which Dr. Hanson can treat.

*The Cosmetic Benefits Of Upgrading Your Dental Work*

Only you can decide if your old, dark restorations should be replaced for cosmetic reasons. First, you’ll want to consider how you could benefit from such a move.
Dr. Hanson is the expert you can trust when it comes to whether or not a new filling will pose any sort of risk to your dental health.
If this smile upgrade is a good decision for function and health, then you get to choose if a silver filling is something that makes you feel unhappy about your overall smile and should be replaced.
Although everything we’re talking about in today’s blog relates to restorative dentistry, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy extra cosmetic perks of have a well-blended smile thanks to a composite filling!

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You don’t have to settle for an unsightly silver filling from past dental problems, especially if you have one that’s visible when you smile.
It stands out next to your other healthy, white teeth and plagues your smile.
With our tooth-colored fillings, you can take an ‘out with the old’ approach and give your smile an update this spring.
Dr. Hanson can help you decide if replacing your old restorations is the best move for your oral health and your smile’s appearance.
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