Unequaled Oral Health Through Dental Exams And Cleanings

It is incredibly simple to maintain your oral health to the point where it is kept in check, and your overall health is not affected. It’s simple because almost everyone has been raised to brush their teeth regularly, but that is just part of what it takes to keep your oral health good. The other equally important aspect to keeping your oral health at an optimal level is to make appointments to have dental cleanings and exams every six months. This becomes even more important when you know that you have a reputation of not cleaning your teeth at home particularly well. Coming into Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR, can do wonders for your oral health and is extremely important when it comes to catching dental problems before they become too complicated.
Amazing General Dentistry Practices At Oregon Smile Care Center
Dr. Hanson and his staff work hard to make sure that you won’t feel rushed at any time and that you’ll always be comfortable. A complete cleaning and exam take about an hour and a half, and we take that long because we know that you deserve to have attention given to you and only you. We will make sure you leave our office with better oral health than when you walked in!
At Oregon Smile Care Center, we also want to make sure that you feel like you are our main priority. That is why we will always try to accommodate you to have your cleaning and exam on the same day! Why should you have to have a cleaning one day and an exam another? That means two different appointments and double the times you would need to come in during a six-month period. However, if two appointments are more convenient for you, we’ll help schedule you in! You will feel like a part of our family when you come into our Salem, OR office!
How We’ll Perform Your Dental Exam
When you’ve gotten behind in keeping your teeth cleaned, have no worries because your teeth will be clean and healthy after visiting Oregon Smile Care Center for an exam and cleaning. One of the ways we’ll ease the anxiety you have about not cleaning your teeth as well as you could is to give you positive solutions rather than shaming you about not cleaning your teeth well enough. Part of how we’ll make sure that you don’t have any advanced dental problems is through checking your oral health with one of our state-of-the-art machines.
During your hour-and-a-half visit, we’ll check your teeth by taking a full-set digital X-ray that will ensure your teeth aren’t suffering from any major problems. Also, we will perform a full-set periodontal reading, which will check the health of your gums, followed by a periodontal plan that is personalized for you if needed. We will also take digital photos of your teeth with our Spectra digital imaging machine that will help us keep a record of your teeth. All of these highly technological machines will help you along the way toward great oral health!
Ensuring Your Teeth Are Clean And Healthy At Oregon Smile Care Center
When you come in to see Dr. Hanson and his staff for a dental cleaning and exam, the goal of the visit is obvious. It is to send you home with a clean and healthy smile that has been checked for any major problems. While we are cleaning your mouth, we will get those hard-to-reach places that you may find difficult to clean on your own. We will clean all of the tartar and all of the plaque off every tooth to make sure that you don’t develop gingivitis, tooth decay, or advanced gum disease. We will then floss your teeth to clean between your teeth, followed by a full polishing that will complete your cleaning.
At Oregon Smile Care Center, we care about your oral health, and that will be obvious after your visit to have your teeth cleaned and examined. To schedule a dental cleaning or exam with Dr. Hanson and his staff, call (503) 809-4784 or use our easy online contact form.

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