Three Ways To Recreate Your Smile

A cavity, a broken tooth, or missing teeth — all of these things can ruin your smile, or at least, how you feel about your smile.
Fortunately, you can fix those issues with a dental filling, crown, or bridge by visiting Oregon Smile Care Center.
While we are a general dentistry practice, restorative dentistry is a big part of what we do. We know that life happens, and some of the things that happen can affect your smile.
Dr. Hanson wants to fix that so you can feel comfortable smiling again. Call or contact us online to make an appointment, so we can bring back your smile.
Three Options To Recreate Your Smile
We understand that have a lost or broken tooth can make some patients self-conscious about their smiles. We also know that a cavity can leave you feeling uncomfortable in face-to-face meetings for work or in social situations.
Let us explain how we can address each of those situations at Oregon Smile Care Center.
◼︎ Tooth Decay
This is the most common oral health issue in the United States. More than 90 percent of American adults will develop cavities during their lives. This is a direct result of tooth decay.
If you don’t take care of those problems in the early stages, you can have larger problems. You can develop an infected tooth or your tooth may need to be extracted.
To avoid those problems, you can get a dental filling. At Oregon Smile Care Center, we offer mercury-free and metal-free fillings for our patients. Our composite or tooth-colored fillings don’t just fill in the hole in your tooth, they also restore the shape and the appearance of that tooth.
◼︎ Broken Teeth
Your teeth can break in a number of ways. You could have an accident. You could bite into something that was harder than you expected. You could fall or get hit in the mouth with a ball or a puck.
When that happens, it can have a visible impact on your smile, and that can make you hesitant to smile at all.
Dr. Hanson wants every patient to feel good about his or her smile. For patients with broken teeth, dental crowns are usually the solution.
To get a dental crown, we need to remove the parts of your tooth that have been damaged. By doing this, Dr. Hanson forms the healthiest and strongest parts of your tooth into an abutment. This is where your dental crown will be placed when it is ready.
Our crowns are made with materials like e.max, porcelain, and zirconia that will restore the natural look of your tooth that will last for a long time.
◼︎ Missing Teeth
Unfortunately, some people will allow tooth decay to continue until a tooth or teeth need to be removed. The accidents that can cause teeth to break also can cause your teeth to get knocked out of your mouth as well. (If this does happen, please call us as soon as you are able.)
Replacing missing teeth is possible with a dental bridge. A bridge is formed by fusing two or more dental crowns together. This means you can rest assured that they are made with the same materials, so they will look as natural and be as durable as our dental crowns.
For a traditional bridge, two teeth are reshaped to support the crowns on each end of the bridge. When the bridge is ready, it’s bonded to your teeth and the gap in your smile goes away.
Restorative Dentistry Is About More Than Smiles, However
Earlier we mentioned that our crowns and bridges are made of materials and look natural and have good durability.
The reason this matters we know that restorative dentistry isn’t just about having a nicer looking smile. It’s also about helping you do something that every need to do — eat.
Whether you get a filing, a crown, or a bridge, your teeth restorations need to function as well as your real teeth when you need to bite and chew your food.
That’s what you will get if you have your restorative work done at Oregon Smile Care Center.
Are You Ready To Repair Your Smile?
If so, then it’s time for you to make an appointment at our dentist office in Salem, OR. You can contact us by calling (503) 809-4784 or by filling out our online form.
Dr. Hanson will do whatever can be done to rebuild you smile.

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