The Smile-Friendly Way To Stock Your Grocery Cart [BLOG]

Part of our goal at Oregon Smile Care Center is to give you the tools to keep your teeth and gums healthy outside of our Salem dental practice.
Yes, we provide deep cleanings, thorough exams, and a host of restorative dental treatments to help you keep your oral health on track.
But when you’re at home, you need to know how to make smile-friendly choices in between your routine professional care.

The Smile-Friendly Way To Stock Your Grocery Cart

Today, we’re talking about how to stock your grocery cart with foods that are good for your teeth, as well as letting you know the aisles you should pass up during your next trip to the store!

*Stock Up Of Fresh Produce*

When you’re at the grocery store, the best place to fill your cart with smile-friendly foods is in the produce section.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with powerful nutrients that strengthen your teeth. Even the textures of foods like apples, celery, and raw carrots are great crunchy snacks that scrub your teeth clean as you chomp and promote saliva production, which protects your teeth from bacteria.

*Stay Away From The Starchy Stuff*

Foods that are high in starch, such as potatoes, white bread, and all varieties of pasta, are broken down in your mouth as excess sugar that can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and even gum disease. They also tend to be rather sticky, which makes cleaning your teeth after eating starchy foods more challenging, especially in all the nooks and crannies inside your mouth.

*Pack Your Cart With Protein*

For the sake of your smile, make sure you find healthy sources of protein to strengthen your teeth and bones. Foods like almonds and lean meat are great sources of protein that are healthy for your weight, your body, and your teeth!

*Steer Clear Of Processed Snacks*

We live in such a fast-paced culture, it’s tempting to reach for pre-packaged snacks out of convenience. But the better choice for your teeth is to steer your cart away from the junk food aisle and search for healthier snack options.
The reason is that packaged foods are highly-processed and filled with refined carbs that turn to sugar when you eat them. This does little for your nutrition and lots for giving a food source to the bad bacteria in your mouth.

*Skip The Fruity Drinks*

Skip the fruit juice and stick to fresh produce. You not only get more nutrients when you eat fruit rather than drink it, but all the fruit juice selections at your local grocery store are loaded with added sugar that can lead to tooth decay.

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The next time you browse the grocery store aisles, you’ll have a better strategy for stocking up on smile-friendly foods.
You also have our team at Oregon Smile Care Center to help you maintain good oral health with routine cleanings and exams and a variety of treatments to keep your teeth and gums strong!
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