The Right TMJ Treatment Will Alleviate Your Pains

You may have a TMJ problem. If it’s bad enough, you could have a TMJ disorder.
Your problem could be the result of clenching and grinding your teeth together. You may realize when you are doing it. You may not even be awake when you are doing it.
But there is someone who can help. Sean Hanson, DMD, is the dentist at our office in Salem, OR, and he has been helping patients with TMJ problems for years.
He wants to help you. Everyone at Oregon Smile Care Center wants to alleviate any  problems you may be having as a result of a TMJ disorder.
Today, we will be discussing the signs and symptoms that you may have a TMJ problem, possible causes, and ways you can treat your condition.
To schedule a TMJ treatment at our office, simply call or contact us online.
Learn To Read The Signs Of TMJ Disorders
When you were learning to drive, one of the things you had to do was to be able to read the signs. Some were pretty obvious “STOP” means stop. But other signs were just symbols to let you know that a stretch of road may be curvy, that pedestrians may be in the area, or that you should keep an eye out for deer.
Learning the signs will keep you safe on the road. Learning the signs of TMJ trouble can help you treat your problem sooner.
TMJ is the temporomandibular joint. Most people will have TMJ issues from time to time. A TMJ disorder occurs when those problems are persistent for extended periods of time.
Some of the symptoms are more apparent than others, but all of the following may be signs and symptoms of TMJ problems:
◼︎ Lingering jaw pain
◼︎ Pain as a result of eating
◼︎ Difficulty opening or closing your mouth
◼︎ Inability to completely open or close your mouth
◼︎ A popping or clicking in your jaw
◼︎ Facial, neck, or upper back pain
◼︎ Frequent earaches
◼︎ Frequent headaches
Any or all of these may indicate a TMJ issue. At the same time, other conditions can cause similar symptoms.
Nevertheless, we would encourage you to visit Dr. Hanson if you notice these one or more of these symptoms occurring regularly. He has the training to assess the condition of your jaw.
He can let you know if your symptoms could be the result of a TMJ disorder. If so, you’ll already be in the right place to get treated.
All you have to do is make an appointment to get started.
Diagnosing The Cause Of Your TMJ Disorder
We wish it was simple. We wish you could come to Oregon Smile Care Center and we could say, this is the cause of your TMJ.
Unfortunately, TMJ has multiple potential causes. One or more of them could be contributing to your problem.
Bruxism — This is another term for teeth grinding. You may be grinding your teeth as a reaction to stress.
Many people do this subconsciously, and millions of Americans do this unconsciously. Yes, you could be grinding your teeth in your sleep. If you notice that you often have headaches, earaches, and jaw pain when you wake up, this could be the reason.
Arthritis — Your TMJ is a joint, and like any joint, it can be affected by arthritis.
Bite issues — If your jaw alignment is off, this can add stress to your TMJ or the surrounding tissues.
Injuries — A traumatic blow to the face or jaw can affect your alignment or cause other problems.
Dr. Hanson is happy to take a close look at your teeth and your jaw for signs of teeth grinding or alignment problems. Call 503-837-2718 if you would like to schedule a consultation.
TMJ Treatments
For minor TMJ issues, you may be able to use home treatments. Pain relievers, cold and heat packs, and eating softer foods can provide relief from temporary TMJ problems.
TMJ disorders will require help from a professional, however. If the causes of your particular TMJ issues can be related to bruxism or alignment issues, Oregon Smile Care Center will gladly assist you.
We can create a special oral appliance that will prevent your top and bottom teeth from touching (so no grinding). This device also may be used to retrain your jaw to rest in a position that is less stressful.
For alignment issues, we may suggest an orthodontic solution to alleviate the stress on your TMJ.
Don’t Let TMJ Keep You In Pain
Dr. Hanson at the staff at Oregon Smile Care Center will do all that we can you help with your TMJ disorder or other oral health concerns.
You can request an appointment at any time by calling our dentist office in Salem, OR, at (503) 809-4784 or by using our online contact form.

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