The Invisalign Advantage: Building A Better Life For Your Teen

If you are a parent in Salem, OR, and your teen needs to have orthodontic work done to improve their smile as they move toward adulthood, you are inevitably choosing the orthodontic option your child is going to have to live with for over a year. This can be a lot of pressure because you have no idea how this choice will affect them socially. The ideal choice should be something that straightens their teeth while also remaining unnoticed amongst their peers. Invisalign clear braces fit this description perfectly and will most assuredly have your teen grinning from ear to ear.
The Perfect Clear Orthodontic Option
We mentioned that your child will more than likely want an orthodontic option that is going to not only straighten their teeth but also keep their teeth looking presentable. Invisalign clear braces are made of a special plastic that ultimately straightens your teen’s teeth to give them that smile that they’ll want to have when it comes time for next year’s school pictures.
Not only are these braces clear and hard to see when you smile, but they also fit perfectly into your mouth without any fuss. Invisalign fits so well because we custom-fit them for each patient. First, we will bring your teen into the office to make a mold of your teeth. Once this mold is made, the Invisalign aligners will then be forged working off of your teen’s mold. While there will be some initial discomfort as a result of your teen’s teeth moving, the mouthpieces will fit comfortably and be able to be taken out and put back in with ease.  
Your teen will be on his or her way to an amazing smile without the hassle that traditional braces bring with their wires and brackets that must be adjusted frequently. While your teen’s friends are struggling with the reality of living with a metal smile that causes their confidence to take a hit, your teen will be able to show off his or her smile without the fear of having their smile talked about behind their back.
The Conveniences Of Invisalign
When it comes to the comparison between Invisalign clear braces and traditional metal braces, the advantages that Invisalign offers are numerous. Perhaps the main advantage is that Invisalign braces are removable. Any time that your teen needs to remove their Invisalign mouthpiece, they will be able to remove it. But, with great convenience comes great responsibility, in this case because your teen will have to wear their mouthpiece 22 hours a day to make sure his or her teeth become straight in the amount of time we’ve planned.
Another reason that being able to remove their Invisalign aligners is such a big deal is because it makes a great difference in your teen being able to clean his or her teeth. Being able to remove the mouthpiece when eating and cleaning their teeth will go a long way to keeping their teeth clean and beautifully pearly white! Everyone has seen what happens when someone doesn’t clean their teeth well enough with traditional metal braces: they end up with white spots on their teeth where the brackets were bonded to each tooth. Also, metal braces come with the disadvantage that food often gets stuck in them, causing your teen’s smile to be cluttered with gunk. This is an embarrassing problem that Invisalign can fix by allowing your teen to clean thoroughly multiple times a day.
Why Your Teen Will Thank You For Straightening Their Teeth With Invisalign
Everyone remembers what it is like to be a teenager. The fact that your teen will have a clear orthodontic choice could make their life much easier because nobody will be able to see their Invisalign mouthpiece. It is silly to think that this could make a big change in your teen’s life because their smile will look better, but the fact is that they will be able to smile with confidence and not have to worry about being teased about their orthodontic treatment when they have Invisalign.
If you want to make an appointment for your teen to be fitted for Invisalign clear braces, call Oregon Smile Care Center at (503) 809-4784, or you can use our easy-to-use online form. Dr. Hanson and his personable staff can’t wait to see you start your path to a straighter smile with Invisalign clear braces!

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