Summer Is Better With Dental Implants [BLOG]

Don’t let your missing teeth take all the fun out of another summer!
Visit Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR for dental implants so you can look, feel, and live exactly the way you want!

The Summer Experience With Dental Implants

Here are four ways your summers can be better with dental implants:

*You’re More Comfortable About Smiling*

When it comes to your smile’s appearance, one lost tooth is bad.
Several missing teeth are worse.
Missing all your teeth changes your look altogether!
So an immediate and obvious benefit of replacing your teeth with dental implants is that it preserves your facial structure and your youthful-looking smile.
And when you’re confident about the way you look, you’re more relaxed and comfortable in every situation.
During the summer, that means ballgames, weddings, or even just intimate gatherings around the pool.

*You’re Able To Eat What You Want*

If you replace a tooth with a dental bridge, which is a series of three crowns bonded together –  the one in the center acting as the new tooth and the adjoining crowns hollowed out to fit over the neighboring teeth – you only solve part of the problem of tooth loss.
Everything will look normal, like it did before, and your function is restored.
But there’s nothing to replace the root of that missing tooth, which is where dental implants differ.
An implant goes into your jawbone to take over the root’s job in keeping the jawbone strong and healthy and the new tooth structurally sound.
What all this boils down to is that dental implants give you a bite that’s nearly as strong as real teeth, so you can eat everything you want.
And during a season filled with delicious, crunchy vegetables, grilled steak, and barbecue ribs, that’s definitely a reason to smile!

*You’re Not Bound To Tedious Routines*

A dental implant, as we’ve explained, behaves like a tooth root and is connected to your replacement tooth by an abutment.
So what’s left is a lifelike tooth, in strength, structure, and appearance, that you can brush and floss just like natural teeth.
That means no tedious routines eating up your time, like soaking and scrubbing removable dentures every day.

*You’re Able To Enjoy Life Again*

Feeling relaxed, comfortable, and confident, whether it’s because of how you look or what you can eat, changes everything about your quality of life.
Being able to enjoy simple pleasures without anxiety about your teeth, like indulging in your favorite summer foods at a barbecue or sitting around laughing with your family and friends, is part of what makes life fun.
When you have a healthy, fully-functioning mouth, you don’t even have to think about it, which means you’re free to enjoy every moment spent on other, more important things.
That’s something dental implants can give you, thanks to the way they preserve and stabilize your jawbone, gums, and surrounding teeth.

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If you want to enjoy summers the way you used to, it’s time to regain full oral function, a strong bite, a healthy mouth, and a great-looking smile!
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