Smile Makeover Now, A Happy Valentine’s Next Year! [BLOG]

When it comes to improving your appearance, you’ll often find it takes more than one approach to reaching your goals.
You can’t just exercise more and hope for results if you still eat junk food. You’d have to also change your diet if you wanted true transformation.
That’s how a smile makeover works at the Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR.
Today, we’re talking about what a smile makeover is, and how your Valentine’s Day could be drastically happier this time next year.

The Various Paths To A Smile Made Over!

We don’t use the term ‘smile makeover’ to mean a singular cosmetic treatment.
Rather, it’s an overhaul of the look, and often the function and feel, of your teeth that may require a series of treatments.
Think of it like other types of makeovers to your hair, your body, your home, or the curb appeal of your front lawn and landscape. Those would all take an action plan where you follow a series of steps, knocking out problems one by one for a finished product that’s dramatically transformed and more appealing.
Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry services Dr. Hanson could pull from for your customized smile makeover plan:
-Dental Bonding For Tiny Imperfections
-Dental Veneers For Minor Surface Damage & Awkward Teeth
-Invisalign To Straighten Crooked Teeth
-Teeth Whitening To Remove Stubborn Stains
-Gum Reshaping To Balance Your Smile
-Replacing Dark Fillings With Composite Fillings
-Replacing Teeth With Crowns Or Dental Implants
The combination of treatments you need are unique to you, and Dr. Hanson is just the skilled professional you should rely on to design the action plan for your smile makeover!

What You Can Have With A Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can change your life in big and small ways. The immediate benefit is, of course, a beautiful smile.
But your life will be impacted in several others ways, too. Here are some examples of what you can have with a newly redesigned smile:
*You’ll Have A Winning Smile That Attracts Positivity
Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, and that doesn’t only apply to romantic attraction.
We’re generally drawn to people who exude confidence and competence. Whether in the office or out on the town, a great-looking smile will attract positive attention.
*You’ll Feel Like Anything Is Possible!
Your confidence pays the price for flaws in your appearance. It’s embarrassing to realize you spent the last few hours at work with a piece of lettuce between your teeth leftover from lunch. It’s mortifying to show up at a special event being under or overdressed.
But flaws in your smile can make you feel even more insecure because too often we assume it would take too much work to correct them.
A totally made over smile can make you feel as good as you look, like anything is possible!
*You’ll Have A More Vibrant, Youthful Smile!
Anything you use day in and day out will degrade over time.
Your teeth are no different.
When you’re young, your teeth look brighter and more flawless. But depending on your lifestyle, health, and other factors, eventually your teeth will show the wear and tear it undergoes on a daily basis.
At a certain age, your teeth can look dull, dingy, and damaged.
A smile makeover aims to repair surface flaws, remove years of teeth stains, and reshape teeth that have been worn down.
The cosmetic treatments turn those types of imperfections around so your smile looks like it did when you were years younger.

Start Your Smile Makeover Journey!

A makeover may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t always imply complicated, drastic change. You can makeover your home with changing the wall colors and decor. You can makeover your appearance by getting in shape or changing your hairstyle.
A smile makeover works the same way!
Sometimes, all it takes is two simple dental treatments like gum reshaping and teeth whitening to give you a dramatically improved smile.
For others, it may take veneers or dental implants.
The point is, whatever your dental needs and smile goals, Dr. Hanson and our cosmetic team at Oregon Smile Care Center will support you on your makeover journey in time to celebrate next Valentine’s Day with a new, improved, more confident smile!
Call our Salem, OR dental office at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule your first smile makeover consultation.

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