Recapture Your Youth With Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

When you think about ways to turn back time and recapture your youth, you probably think about expensive beauty products or painful plastic surgery.
Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center has good news for you! You can recapture your youth without costly surgeries and anti-wrinkle creams. You can look younger just by coming to our Salem dental office for cosmetic dentistry.
Today, we’re sharing some ways that you can improve your smile and look younger in the process!

How Time Can Affect Your Smile

Time certainly has its benefits. It can heal a broken heart, mend old wounds, and give you wisdom and insight you didn’t have when you were younger.
But time can also do a number on you. We’re faced with all of this societal pressure to look young and beautiful, yet we’re also expected to age gracefully at the same time. No matter how you fight it, aging happens to all of us, so in that sense, time isn’t really our friend.
How does your smile reflect the passing of time?
Time Can Make Your Smile Look Dingy – As you age, your teeth can start to look dingy. It’s only worsened by years of eating and drinking things that have dark pigments. Your morning cup of coffee, the occasional glass of red wine, or the plate of pasta covered in red tomato sauce… all of them add up over the years and stain your teeth over time.
Time Can Reveal Wear And Tear On Your Teeth – If you chew on ice cubes or grind your teeth, the wear and tear will show. You might have chips, cracks, or teeth that have become misshapen and worn down. These problems can draw unwanted attention to themselves and can give away your age.
Time Can Change Your Alignment – Your teeth never really stop moving. Sure, they slow down quite a bit at a certain point, but they never stop shifting completely. Even if you had braces as a teen, you can have crooked or misaligned teeth years later just because of that shifting. You might even have loose or missing teeth due to gum disease, infection, or inury.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Turn Back Time

So what can you do about the effects of time on your teeth? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry at Oregon Smile Care Center, you have quite a few options to do just that!
Look Younger With Teeth Whitening – Nothing can improve the appearance of your smile as simply and effectively quite like professional teeth whitening. Whether you come in for a one time in-office treatment or choose our take-home system, you can have a dramatically whiter smile that can takes years off of your appearance!
Look Younger With Bonding Or Veneers – One of the most popular cosmetic options in recent years are veneers. It’s amazing how transformative veneers can be in giving you a whiter, straighter, more balanced smile. Not only are veneers beautiful and natural-looking, but they’re also strong, durable and long lasting!
Look Younger With Dental Implants – Believe it or not, dental implants can serve a cosmetic purpose along with the ways they protect your oral health. Dental implants help keep your jawbone fully engaged and healthy, which maintains the integrity of your facial structure. Tooth loss can completely change the shape of your face and can create more wrinkles around your cheeks and mouth, often making patients look much older than they actually are. Dental implants help you avoid that fate!

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If you’ve ever given much thought to plastic surgery, dermal fillers, or luxury creams from an expensive department store, then maybe it’s time to consider the ways cosmetic dentistry can make you look younger.
With something as simple as a teeth whitening treatment or something more transformative like veneers or dental implants, you’re doing wonders for reversing the effects that time can have on your smile.
Schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Hanson to find out which of our cosmetic procedures can help you turn back time. Call our Salem, OR dental office today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form. Your first step toward a younger, more beautiful smile starts with us!

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