Quality Dentures That Turn Back Time [BLOG]

Your journey to getting the healthy, complete smile again isn’t something you have to do alone!
That’s because you have Dr. Hanson and our team at Oregon Smile Care Center to fit you for natural-looking dentures that work for your life.
They can also help preserve your youthful appearance!
Today, we’re talking about how in addition to the ways we can craft your dentures to fit you comfortably and securely for the rest of your life.

Turn Back Time With Dentures

After about your mid-thirties, your risk for adult tooth loss increases quite a bit. If you’ve come to the point where tooth loss has diminished your quality of life and your health, it’s time to put your replacement teeth process into the hands of a highly-skilled dentist like Dr. Hanson.
Once you have great-looking dentures, you’ll have a beautiful, bright smile.
But that’s not the only way dentures give you a more youthful appearance!
Well-made dentures can turn back time by helping you avoid premature wrinkles around the mouth that affect every tooth loss sufferer.
They also preserve a more youthful appearance by filling in your cheeks that otherwise would become loose and sunken in if you didn’t replace missing teeth.

Dentures That Work For You

Dr. Hanson will go through all of your options when you come to our Salem, OR dental office for a consultation.
When he becomes familiar with your dental needs and the kind of lifestyle and appearance you’d like to maintain, he can help you decide which tooth replacement option is more beneficial for you.
One of those options might be traditional dentures. With the right care and the perfect fit, you can enjoy a higher quality of life and better health in the long run with dentures that give you a natural-looking, confident smile.

Maintaining Dentures Is Easy

Dentures will require some maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossibly difficult.
In fact, our team at Oregon Smile Care Center makes it quite easy.
You’ll visit us now and then so that Dr. Hanson can monitor your progress, oral health, and your satisfaction with your replacement teeth. That means making sure your dentures continue to fit properly and comfortably.
Loose dentures can lead to gum irritation and painful chewing, but with Dr. Hanson’s expert eye, you’ll keep smiling confidently throughout the years with comfortable dentures that fit.
You’ll also need to continue a daily routine to keep your dentures thoroughly clean.
If you opt for removable dentures, you can easily take them out for easy, hassle-free cleaning. This not only keeps your dentures bright, but it also protects your mouth and oral health while wearing them!
You will also remove dentures after you eat to rinse them off and keep food particles from staying in your mouth. You don’t want to give bacteria any fuel! It also keeps your breath fresh by eliminating the sugary leftovers that would otherwise leave a smelly residue in your mouth.

Secure Dentures With Dental Implants

Did you know that removable dentures aren’t your only option when replacing a full set of teeth?
One of the best ways to secure your dentures is by using a few dental implants to anchor them down.
We can use just a few dental implants to secure a full set of dentures that don’t have to be removed. The implants will begin to fuse to your jawbone once their placed so that your dentures never shift or slip while you’re eating, laughing, speaking, and kissing your sweetheart!
In fact, using dental implants will allow you the kind of bite force that gives you a restriction-free diet! You can eat anything you want and have confidence that your dentures won’t move at all!

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For the sake of your oral health, you really don’t have the luxury of ignoring the damaging consequences of tooth loss. Without high-quality replacement teeth, your lifestyle, appearance, and health are all significantly impacted, and not in a good way!
You can find quality dentures that look natural and fit securely for comfortable chewing, enjoyable eating, and renewed confidence. They also preserve your youthful appearance by keeping your lips and cheeks filled out and less susceptible to premature wrinkles.
Let Dr. Hanson help you explore all your options in great-looking dentures at Oregon Smile Care Center! Call our Salem, OR dental office at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule your dentures consultation.

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