Overcome Fear & Get Healthy This Spring With Sedation Dentistry [BLOG]

Today, all your fears about going to the dentist can start to fade away!
That’s because you’ve stumbled upon the dental blog from Dr. Hanson and our team at Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, your trusted professionals who offer sedation dentistry!

Where Fear Of The Dentist Comes From

Do you often feel like you’re the only person in the world who’s afraid of the dentist?
We understand why you’d feel that way. After all, most adults don’t like to admit that they’re afraid of anything, much less something as simple as a dental cleaning and exam.
But the fact is, you’re only one of millions and millions of people across the country who can’t bring themselves to the dentist office for regular check-ups.
Maybe it’s because:
*You can’t get past horrible dentist appointments from your childhood.
*You can’t get comfortable in the chair because you’re not the one in control.
*You’re uncomfortable with the surroundings and sounds of a dentist office.
*You constantly hear horror stories about the dentist from friends and co-workers.
These are more common than you think, and the best part is we can guide you through this mountain and see you through to the other side for better oral health!

How Sedation Helps You Overcome Fear

We offer multiple ways to help you feel more at ease in our Salem, OR dental office.
But the most successful among them for the most fearful patients, in our years of experience, has been with medicinal intervention.
By giving you a pill to take about an hour before your visit, you’ll be in the perfect state of relaxation just in time for your procedure!
You’ll be able to respond to Dr. Hanson during treatment because the medicine won’t put you to sleep.
However, you’ll feel so calm at that point, you won’t have a care in the world!

How Sedation Helps You Get Healthy

Here’s how sedation dentistry can help you get a healthy mouth and keep it that way!

*You’ll Build Courage & Keep Your Appointments*

It takes courage for people to remain vigilant about their health despite fears of medical and dental offices.
That’s why we work to earn your trust and build your confidence from your very first visit to our Salem, OR dental office.
You’ll first notice our cozy office amongst the other businesses nearby, and once you enter, you’ll be greeted warmly by our caring staff.
You can enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait in our inviting reception area, listen to relaxing music, and even take advantage of our Wifi access on an iPad or iPod to help distract you a little bit.
Once your appointment begins, you’ll already feel the difference a warm, welcoming atmosphere makes physically and emotionally!
Dr. Hanson and our gentle staff will take our time with you and ensure we’re meeting all your comfort needs. We can stop at any point if you need to take a break.
You may not even need that, though, because you can choose to take advantage of oral sedation before your treatment begins.
Oral sedation is highly effective in easing your body into a state of relaxation. After your first experience with dental sedation, you’ll feel so much better about your next visit.
Eventually, you may not even need to rely on sedation dentistry to give you courage to keep up with your routine appointments with us!
In fact, you might even discover you’ll start to look forward to visiting us as much as we look forward to seeing you!

*You Can Stay On Top Of Your Dental Health*

Ignoring problems won’t make them go away, lovely as that would be!
It’s actually quite the opposite. Staying out of the dentist office because you’re afraid of getting the treatment you need will only ensure an unhealthy mouth and a need for the very types of treatments you wish you could avoid!
Instead of this counterproductive strategy, you can allow dental sedation to help you get back in control of your oral health.
Knowing that it is possible to feel comfortable at the dentist office will make it easier for you to keep your appointments. That means we can be proactive and keep your teeth and gums safe from decay, cavities, and gum disease.
When you let us help you stay on top of your dental health, you can avoid those longer, more complicated procedures that evoke so much fear and anxiety within you.
An added bonus is that being proactive with routine care, you spend less time traveling to multiple appointments, less time away from work, and less time in the dentist office overall!

*Experience Dentistry In A More Positive Way*

One of the reasons patients feel uneasy in the dental chair is because they have a sensitive gag reflex. Obviously, this poses a problem since Dr. Hanson and one of our skilled hygienists needs to work inside your mouth!
If you have a hard time relaxing while your teeth, especially your back molars, are being cleaned or treated, it will likely only prolong your treatment because you might need to keep stopping and starting.
This is another area where sedation dentistry has made such a significant difference with our most anxious patients.
Taking a pill before your appointment can induce the perfect level of relaxation so your body isn’t involuntarily reacting to that gag sensitivity that’s kept you out of the dental chair for so long!

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There’s no reason to let fear control you or your health!
Especially since you have Dr. Hanson and our team at Oregon Smile Care Center to help ease you out of anxiety.
We’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable in our Salem, OR dental office, from the moment you arrive to the time you leave, and beyond!
We want to build a relationship with you, one that’s based on trust so you never have to let nerves stand between you and the healthy smile you deserve!
To find out more about our comfort and sedation dentistry, call Oregon Smile Care Center today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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