Let Invisalign Change Your Smile For The Better! [BLOG]

Dr. Hanson is a widely-sought cosmetic dentist in Salem, OR.
That’s because he’s been changing patients’ smiles for the better for years, thanks to Invisalign at Oregon Smile Care Center! Today, you’re going to understand why!

Change Your Smile For The Better With Invisalign

It’s understandable why you might hesitate to start orthodontic treatment as an adult.
You wonder if it’s worth it knowing that it could be physically uncomfortable, and maybe even embarrassed about being the only person at the office wearing braces.
Here are a few reasons you’ll have no regrets with Invisalign!

*You’ll Feel Better During Treatment*

Braces require a pretty intense pressure to move your teeth into the right spot, which is why you might hear people complain for a couple of days after they’ve had their wires tightened.
But there’s a gentler pressure each time you switch to a new Invisalign tray, making it a more comfortable treatment. Another obvious perk to the way you feel during the course of your treatment is that the aligners aren’t going to scrape or poke the inside of your mouth like standard braces can.

*You’ll Look Better Even During Treatment*

Since you’re a mature adult, you’re better at accepting the concept of delayed gratification than younger patients. You might be willing to wear metal braces, even though the thought of it is less than appealing, if you know it’ll be worth it in the end.
But why do that if you don’t have to? Invisalign is difficult to notice unless you point it out to someone, so it’s ideal if you’re not looking to sacrifice your appearance during treatment! You can even take your aligners out if you need to, which is also nice if you’re able to adhere to the proper treatment instructions along with that extra bit of freedom.

*You’ll Enjoy More Convenient Treatment*

Adults have a bit more discipline when it comes to following instructions from a medical or dental professional, which is why Invisalign is great for mature patients.
You can take out your aligners for a total of about two hours a day, usually for meals and easier oral hygiene.
That’s a pretty significant advantage this method has over regular braces. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing moments during a business lunch or special date where you have food stuck in one of your brackets without realizing it.
You also save time because you can avoid the extra tools and steps required to get behind wires to clean your teeth.
Overall, Invisalign is just a more convenient form of treatment.

*You’ll Love The Way You Look*

When your treatment time is up, you’ll have a straight, beautiful smile. No more crooked teeth and no more unsightly gaps.
Just perfectly aligned teeth that are nice to look at, make you feel more confident, and are easier to keep clean and healthy!

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Thanks to clear aligner therapy, more and more adults are getting the smiles they’ve wanted for years but were too afraid to pursue. With comfort, convenience, and inconspicuous orthodontic treatment like Invisalign, you can smile confidently for a lifetime and even enjoy better oral health.
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