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What You Should Know About Your Gums!

We all know that knowledge is power, so to protect yourself against tooth loss, here are some important facts you need to know about your gums:

*Unhealthy Gums Leads To Tooth Loss*

Of all the reasons you could you lose your teeth, gum disease is the most destructive.
It can sneak up on you in the early stages because the naked, untrained eye can’t always see the symptoms, which is why routine cleanings with Dr. Hanson are so important!
Gum disease eats away at healthy gum tissue, which destabilizes your teeth and causes them to fall out one by one. Only professional intervention from a dentist can stop that process in its tracks.

*Gums Shouldn’t Bleed*

Don’t dismiss that blood you see in the sink after you brush or floss your teeth.
It’s not normal! Your gums aren’t supposed to bleed, and if they do, you should visit Dr. Hanson so he can check for gum disease and get you started on treatment to stop the progression of it ASAP! The earlier you catch gum disease, the better your chances for reversing it!

*Your Tooth Doesn’t Stop At The Gumline*

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
We’re talking about your teeth!
Roughly 40% of a tooth is hidden under your gumline, and that’s why you can’t skip flossing and expect to keep your mouth clean of harmful bacteria and plaque buildup. Brushing cleans the parts of your teeth that you can see, but flossing gets deeper below the gums and in between teeth, and that’s important to keeping your mouth clean and fresh!

*A Healthy Body Needs A Healthy Mouth*

Research proves that your mouth and body are connected, which is why your oral health is essential to total health.
It makes sense, then, that gum disease is also linked to serious problems with your overall health like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and so much more!

*Persistent Bad Breath Is A Red Flag*

Some signs of gum disease aren’t as obvious as bleeding, redness, or swelling.
Persistent bad breath is also a red flag that your gums are infected. The bacteria in plaque is what causes gum disease, and believe us, it does not smell good! If you notice a foul odor to your breath that can’t be remedied with good oral hygiene and minty mouthwash, it could be a sign of gum disease.

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When you’re armed with the facts about dental health, you’re at an advantage in winning the fight against gum disease and other threats to your smile!
If you have questions about caring for your teeth and gums, visit your Salem dentist for a routine cleaning and exam. We’re happy to talk to you about ways to improve oral hygiene and how we can help you maintain a healthy mouth for life!
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