How To Protect Your Smile From Stress! [BLOG]

Studies have shown a notable link between stress and your overall health.
In fact, some even suggest that nearly 80% of chronic health problems can be traced back to stress!
And a couple of those problems will negatively affect your smile, too.
We’re talking about TMJ disorder and bruxism, both of which create pain and tension in your jaw joint and put your teeth at risk for damage and wear.
Protect yourself with a custom oral appliance at Oregon Smile Care Center!

How To Protect Your Health & Smile From Stress!

Also, you should try to create more balance in your life so you’re able to manage chronic stress in a healthy way.
Here are some tips for reducing stress and its effect on you:

*Breathe Deeply*

Whether you take an hour each day or just a few minutes, deep breathing is a great relaxation exercise! You can even add light stretching to give you a midday boost of energy and to clear your mind.

*Stay Active*

Endorphins are a natural mood and energy booster, which is why regular physical activity is such a great way to alleviate stress.
When you exercise, even if only for a few minutes during breaks throughout the day, these endorphins are released in your body so you can maintain more consistent energy, relieve stress, and even get better rest!

*Get Regular Massages*

Stress will physically manifest itself in many ways that you aren’t even aware of. That’s why it’s important to find ways to ease physical tension in your body.
Regular massages are a great way to do this. A professional knows where all your pressure points are and can also work out painful knots of toxicity that form in your hands, back, neck, shoulders, and even your face.
This can even help work out the built-up tension in your jaw brought on my TMJ problems and teeth grinding!

*Log Off*

Although technology has made life so much easier in countless ways, there’s definitely a downside to being constantly connected.
When your smartphone, iPad, or computer has you available 24/7, there’s no physical or mental downtime. This only adds another layer of stress to your life.
Make sure you log off every once in a while! Walk away from your desk for a few minutes. Keep your phone in another room at night to avoid disruption.
Do whatever you can to mentally and physically disconnect from the rest of the world to give your body and mind a chance to rest!

Get A Custom Mouthguard!

Another surprising way stress can affect your health is through your teeth!
When you’re under a lot of stress, you build up a great deal of tension throughout your body, including your mouth. You might, unwittingly, clench your jaw tightly and grind your teeth.
Often, in fact, many people do this during sleep, making this behavior, also called bruxism, difficult to pinpoint.
But a custom mouthguard from Dr. Hanson at Oregon Smile Care Center can help you stop!
Wearing one of our oral appliances that’s custom-made for the perfect fit will keep your upper and lower teeth from touching.
This can alleviate pain and tension in your jaw and protect your teeth from damage and wear.
With a combination of a mouthguard and our other lifestyle tips, you can reduce stress and its impact on your healthy smile!

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Don’t let stress spoil your mind, body, spirit, or your smile!
Protect yourself with a balanced lifestyle and a custom mouthguard from Dr. Hanson at Oregon Smile Care Center!
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