How To Handle Your Next Dental Emergency

Oftentimes, when an emergency comes to pass, the process of getting to the doctor’s office is a whirling dervish of confusion and hurrying around. Very few people have a plan for an emergency when it is very easy to formulate that plan because there is really only one step: be prepared! Make sure you have somebody who can take you to get your emergency taken care of quickly if you can’t drive. Having a backup person that you can call may not be a bad idea, either!
Going over the simple plan of having a reliable person to take you here to have your emergency checked out can result in the difference of hours. If you don’t have a plan, you may find yourself waiting for someone to pick up their phone, or even worse, you may drive yourself when you shouldn’t be driving.
Another simple step that should be implemented in a dental emergency is calling us right away at Oregon Smile Care Center to make sure that what you are experiencing is indeed an emergency.
Being Prepared For Your Dental Emergency
Perhaps the biggest mistake that you can make in the event of one common dental emergency is to not preserve your tooth when it is knocked out. Many aren’t aware that a tooth can be kept alive when it is knocked out of your mouth. If you manage to keep your tooth alive and get to us quickly, Dr. Hanson may be able to place it back in your mouth and it will be as good as new!
You can keep your tooth alive by just making sure that it doesn’t dry out. This can be done by putting it in a glass of milk. You can also keep it in a glass of water, but it won’t stay alive as long. Also, if you’re able, you can just pop it right back into your mouth and your saliva will keep your tooth alive!
Taking Care Of Your Dental Emergency At Oregon Smile Care Center
Many dental practices may not be prepared for your dental emergency at all hours of the day or night, but at Oregon Smile Care Center, we will be ready to determine if what you’re experiencing is, in fact, a true emergency or if it can wait until the morning or next business day. Dr. Hanson and his staff are available at all hours by phone and are prepared for your dental emergency if it shall arise. When you call with a possible dental emergency, you will be talked through what exactly is happening with your situation. At that time, Dr. Hanson will analyze it and if he deems it an emergency, he will meet you at his Salem, OR office to fix the problem right away with no wait!
Everyone knows the scenario that happens when you decide to take an emergency to a hospital emergency room. It is almost a given that you will have to wait hours on end in an uncomfortable waiting room before you can find out what to do. This hardly seems like the way an emergency should be treated! You’ll have to wait in a dreary, cold waiting room with a dozen other people whose “emergencies” are being treated like anything but by the hospital!
You’re The Number One Priority At Oregon Smile Care Center
When your emergency is treated by Dr. Hanson and his staff at Oregon Smile Care Center, you will be taken care of in one of the most comfortable offices in Salem, OR! If your case is urgent, there will be no other cases for us to work on, and once you arrive at our office safely, we will immediately begin to work on your emergency and return your oral health back to where it needs to be! You will walk out of our office that day, thankful that you chose Oregon Smile Care Center as your dental provider. We care about you and it shows through the way we will handle your dental emergency!
If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, call us at (503) 809-4784 for an appointment and let us help put your mind at ease.

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