Have A Smile Worth Sharing For The Holidays With Veneers! [BLOG]

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, and that means the holidays are much closer than many of us would like to admit right now.
Instead of enduring another Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve dodging cameras and covering your mouth when you laugh, your Salem dentist at Oregon Smile Care Center wants you to feel relaxed and confident.
We’re here to help by designing the smile of your dreams and creating customized dental veneers to turn that vision into a reality!

Look & Feel Your Best For The Holidays With Veneers!

Dr. Hanson and our team are passionate about helping patients love the way they look. That’s why we’re always so excited to get someone started on the cosmetic dentistry path. We know that the end results are going to not only make you look great, but will immediately boost your confidence, and that’s invaluable during a busy social season like the upcoming holidays!
Here are some of the ways we can improve your teeth by covering them with custom veneers:

*Improve The Shape Of Your Teeth*

Years of biting, tearing, and chewing can wear down your teeth and alter their shape. You might also have teeth that have always stood out because they were too pointy or rough around the edges.
Veneers placed over misshapen or worn teeth will make them all look more consistent, even, and attractive.

*Improve The Position & Alignment Of Your Teeth*

Veneers are often considered instant orthodontics because they give your smile the illusion that you just got braces removed!
They don’t move or reposition your teeth, but rather, they cover small gaps between teeth and conceal slightly crooked teeth. It’s remarkable that veneers can often render the same aesthetic results as braces, but in only two visits, not two years!

*Improve The Color Of Your Teeth*

Although we can certainly provide teeth whitening treatment that’s way more powerful than what’s available in stores, sometimes it isn’t the best way to brighten a smile.
It’s best for stubborn surface stains, but some discoloration, and teeth that have previously been restored, won’t be affected by whitening gels.
Veneers can be color customized to the desired shade you want for your teeth and be placed over dark stains so your smile looks radiant and white. This solution also lasts because veneers are stain resistant!

Get A Smile That Makes You Happy!

A beautiful smile can make you light up from within, and there’s no better time to look great and feel genuinely happy than during the holidays!
Get started now before the holiday hustle and bustle and schedule a veneers consultation with Dr. Hanson.
Call Oregon Smile Care Center today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment in Salem, OR.

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