Get Your Teeth Ready For Thanksgiving With Dental Implants [BLOG]

The clock is ticking on your preparations for the upcoming holiday. This means you should make sure your teeth are strong and healthy enough to chomp through your Thanksgiving feast with comfort and ease.
You’ll also want to feel confident enough to face the cameras for family photos. But how can you get through either of those two Thanksgiving activities if you have missing teeth?
With help from Dr. Hanson and all of us at Oregon Smile Care Center you can! We’re telling you about how dental implants can help you enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest!

Get Your Teeth Ready With Dental Implants

Dental implants are superior to any other tooth replacement option you can find in dentistry today. While other methods like traditional dentures still have their place and can be effective for some patients, dental implants dominate this part of dentistry because of how they help you preserve the way of life that you’re used to.
With a stable foundation created when your dental implant fuses with your jawbone, you get a strong bite for confident chewing. You also get a complete, natural-looking smile thanks to the dental crown that covers the implant.
Here are some reasons why this combination is a great idea for your teeth this Thanksgiving!
You Can Eat Comfortably
The biggest issue you’re probably concerned about when thinking about Thanksgiving is how you’re going to deal with all that food. You can either resolve to stick to safe, softer foods while everyone else eats the stuff you wish you could. Or you could chew comfortably and easily with dental implants.
There is no other tooth replacement option that offers the kind of bite strength dental implants give you. It’s as close to the real thing as anyone can get, in fact, which is why implants are such a great choice. You can enjoy all those foods you look forward to this time of year because your replacement teeth will be able to handle it!
You Can Keep Your Mouth Healthy
It’s a troubling fact about tooth loss that it only leads to more tooth loss thanks to empty pockets where harmful bacteria like to nest and loss of bone mass because of deterioration of your jaw.
So that makes your oral hygiene routine even more critical. When you rely on dental implants and restorations, you can resume your dental routine of daily brushing and flossing for easy maintenance and healthier teeth and gums overall.
You Can Look And Feel Great
As important a role as food plays in Thanksgiving, there’s an equally important part of the holiday that’s quite stressful for anyone with missing teeth. It’s the pressure of being in front of the camera.
Chances are, you’re going to spending a lot of time this month with close family and distant relatives. Naturally, everyone is going to want to capture those memories with lots of family photos.
A toothless smile is nothing you want to show off or freeze in time. It’s not like you’ll be the one holding the camera, urging everyone to huddle together for another photo op. But you’ll likely be herded from one group pose to the next, and you should be able to endure that without feeling ashamed of showing your teeth.
You’ll love getting the chance to see your family and visit with them during the Thanksgiving holiday. But if you want to truly enjoy it, you want to look as good as you feel. Dental implants complete your smile, close those large gaps between your teeth, and give you the confidence to let go of that urge to dodge cameras all day long.

We Can Help Get Your Teeth Ready!

The lines at the grocery store are getting longer. The strong scent of pumpkin spice is lingering. And those salivary glands are working. Thanksgiving is almost here, and you’ll need your teeth to be ready!
Dr. Hanson can help make sure your teeth are strong, secure, and healthy with dental implants. You’ll be able to tear into all your favorite holiday treats and smile for pictures with your loved ones.
You can embrace the holidays and be truly present, free from worry, pain, or shame about missing teeth. Call Oregon Smile Care Center today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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