A Family Of Healthy Smiles In 2018 [BLOG]

Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR wants your family to have healthy smiles all year long! That’s why we’re dedicating today’s blog to the ways you can set and achieve goals for better oral health in 2018!

Set Smile Goals For Your Family This Year!

One of the many benefits of having a family is that there is always someone around to support you when you’re trying to set and accomplish new goals. If you make a commitment to better dental care at home as a family unit, you’re increasing the likelihood that everyone in your family will have a healthy smile in 2018!

Consider Your Family’s Daily Oral Hygiene!

Depending on how old your children are, you may or may not be keeping tabs on their daily brushing and flossing regimen. But it’s one of the best defenses you and your family can take against tooth decay and gum disease!
If you’re not entirely sure if everyone in your family is following best practices when it comes to oral care at home, then maybe it’s time to rededicate yourself to leading that charge!
The first step could be to make sure everyone has the right toothbrush and toothpaste that suits their age and dental needs. Choose soft-bristle toothbrushes and fluoridated toothpaste. You could also put a timer in each bathroom to help everyone adhere to the two minute brushing rule recommended by the American Dental Association.
Flossing is another important habit everyone should be following. It’s the most effective way to dislodge food particles that a toothbrush can’t quite reach.

Clean The Kitchen Of Smile Saboteurs!

It’s easy to assume that if no one is complaining of a toothache or if your family has managed to escape a dental emergency, then everything is probably fine with everyone’s oral health. You know that everyone in the house is keeping up with daily oral hygiene, so it’s all good, right?
The truth is, dental problems don’t always come with red flags that something is wrong. You can have a cavity and not know it. You can even have the early stages of gum disease and be totally unaware that it’s developing!
So how can you further protect your family’s smiles from dental problems outside of daily care and twice annual cleanings?
You can start by taking stock of what’s in your kitchen!
January is already a time when most people reevaluate their diet and take steps to improve it for better health. Why not do the same for your teeth and gums?
Avoid the temptation to snack on sugary foods and drinks, and replace those with healthier alternatives like water and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Remember Your Family’s Dental Check-Ups!

It seems like year after year, managing a household becomes more and more hectic. There’s a house to keep clean, a job to maintain, homework to finish, practices and games to attend, and quality time with the spouse and kids, if you have time left over. The daily grind can be pretty chaotic!
That’s why one of our tips for healthy family smiles is to mark your calendar today with your two dental cleanings and exams of the year. This way, you can get ahead of the kids’ sports schedules, family vacations, and other things that come up as you try to juggle it all!
Managing a family is definitely a balancing act that requires time management and prioritizing. Your health, and that of your spouse and children come first. Putting those appointments on the family schedule first will help you to stay on top of their oral health amongst all your other responsibilities.

Get Healthy Family Smiles In 2018!

There’s nothing more important than keeping your family healthy. That means watching their diet, getting plenty of exercise and rest, and remembering to keep up with routine cleanings and exams!
At Oregon Smile Care Center, our mission is to make sure your dental care is as efficient and convenient as possible. That means using the latest in advanced technology to provide wide-ranging, high-quality dental treatment for the whole family.
We know your family’s dental needs are different from person to person and will need the right team to adapt as your family members age and develop. You can count on that from Dr. Hanson and our experienced, caring team to help everyone in your household get healthy smiles in 2018!
Call our Salem, OR dental office today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule your family’s dental check-ups this year!

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