Easing Your TMJ Pain

Many people are aware of the condition where the jaw joint directly in front of your ear begins to have complications that lead to pain and other problems. But few people know how this pain is caused, how it is fixed, or just how debilitating this condition can be for the person who is suffering from it. In fact, you probably didn’t know that a main cause for this grinding your teeth, largely brought about by stress. If you live in Salem, OR and you’re having jaw pains, make an appointment at Oregon Smile Care Center!
Stress is a main cause of many problems in this hustle-and-bustle world that we live in today. If you’re not ever stressed out, at least here in the United States, then you probably aren’t working hard enough. Because people live their work lives this way, it is only natural that problems will arise from all this stress. It just so happens that pain in your jaw joint (TMJ) from grinding your teeth is one of these problems. At Oregon Smile Care Center, we want to ease your pain and your stress with our TMJ treatments!
Feeling The Effects Of Stress During Sleep
Perhaps the most common reason for problems with your TMJ revolves around grinding your teeth while sleeping. Grinding your teeth creates problems with your TMJ because it puts a great amount of pressure on your jaw joint. Putting all of that pressure on your jaw joint will eventually lead to pain that needs to be treated.
Stress can also cause TMJ problems that involve the muscles around the joint and not just the joint itself. The solution that Oregon Smile Care Center brings to you is in the form of a mouthguard that you wear while you are sleeping. This keeps you from grinding your teeth and over time can eliminate the pain in your jaw joint. While this mouthpiece won’t perform the miracle of removing all stress from your life, it will keep you from clenching and grinding your teeth, which will lead to TMJ problems.
TMJ pain can also lead to something that will keep you from sleeping, which will in turn just add to the stress that you experience in your daily life. Headaches can be a major problem that arises when you have issues with your TMJ. Severe headaches can often be the most debilitating part and are often a reason people finally look into what is causing them such severe pain. This just compounds the pain that is felt in your jaw, and that is why TMJ pain needs to be taken care of at the first sign of complications.
How To Know If You Have Problems In Your TMJ
Identifying that you have a problem with your TMJ is the first step to getting rid of this incredibly debilitating problem. The symptoms that you may feel when you have problems in your TMJ include:

  • Pain around the joint that comes about when you speak, chew, or move your jaw in any way.
  • Problems and pain that arise when you try to open your mouth wide.
  • Your jaw becoming stuck or locked in a certain position when you open your mouth. >
  • A clicking sound in your TMJ when you open your jaw wide.
  • Your muscles feeling tired in your face, especially around your jaw joint.
  • The feeling that your upper and lower teeth are no longer aligned the way that they should be aligned.

If you have any of these problems, make an appointment at Oregon Smile Care Center to get your TMJ checked out. We can help you with all of the problems with your TMJ, whether it’s fitting you with a mouthpiece that you wear during the day or night or resolving any bite issues that are putting stress on the joint. We want to ease your TMJ pain at Oregon Smile Care Center! If you have any of these symptoms that could be a TMD, call Oregon Smile Care Center at (503) 809-4784.

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