You Don’t Have To Hide With A Same-Day Smile! [BLOG]

You’re at the local park with a group of friends enjoying a game of ultimate frisbee. Suddenly, you’re blindsided by a teammates elbow that’s just crashed into your face while both of you made a jump for the catch.
Once you take a minute to gather yourself, you realize there’s blood coming from your mouth, and you’ve knocked out two of your front teeth. Luckily, you’re a patient of Dr. Hanson’s at the Oregon Smile Care Center and know exactly who to trust with this dental emergency!
There’s only one problem, though. Next weekend is your best friend’s wedding, and you’re his best man. You can’t show up with a toothless smile! You can’t let the wedding photographer capture the consequence of today’s friendly game in photos that everyone will look at for years to come!
You don’t have weeks to wait for permanent teeth to be ready. So what are you supposed to do?!
Again, lucky for you, you’re a patient at the Oregon Smile Care Center and have the chance to have a full smile in one day with our same-day smile solution!

You Need Tooth Replacement. We Have Options!

The scenario we just described happens so much more often than people realize. Even if you don’t have a major life event coming up, no one wants to go weeks with missing teeth while they wait for their permanent teeth to be prepared.
It’s incredibly embarrassing. Whether you’ve had a sports-related injury and knocked out a tooth, or whether you’re finally being fitted for dentures, everyone deserves to walk around with a smile that makes them feel comfortable, confident, and happy.
So let’s take a look at your same-day smile options in our Salem, OR dental office!

Get A Same-Day Smile With Temporary Dentures

If you’ve lost a tooth because of a dental emergency, you need a solution fast. Ideally, you’d be able to save your knocked out tooth, but life doesn’t always turn out that way. Dr. Hanson could fit you with a temporary denture to give you a full smile while you wait for a more permanent tooth replacement.
You can smile, get your picture taken, maintain your social and professional life without bringing to everyone’s attention the fact that you knocked out your teeth a few days ago!
Or maybe you’re looking for implant-retained dentures. It can often take several weeks for a full set of dentures to be ready, and if you’re going the dental implant route, it also take quite a while for your implant to heal and become strong enough for your permanent restoration.
Again, temporary dentures can help you. You know that having the bite force and the security of implant-retained dentures will be well worth the wait when all is said and done. But you can’t imagine having to go weeks, or longer, for that lasting solution.
It’s great that you don’t have to when you come to our Salem dental office! Temporary dentures will give you confidence to go about your life and endure the wait for your permanent replacement teeth without going into hiding because of your toothless smile.

Make An Appointment TODAY!

No matter how you came to lose one, or even all, of your teeth, you deserve to have natural-looking, functional teeth while you wait for your permanent solution. You have a life to live, places to go, people to meet, and loved ones to spend time with.
Life goes by very quickly, but when you’re missing teeth, it can seem to drag on forever. Not with a same-day smile! You can come to us with missing teeth, and walk out of our office with a smile that makes you feel happy and confident. But it all starts with a phone call.
Don’t lose another day feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about your missing teeth! Get back to your life with a full, confident smile at the Oregon Smile Care Center. Call our Salem dental office today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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