How A Dentist Can Relieve Your TMJ Headaches [BLOG]

Are you dealing with painful headaches or migraines all the time?
Have you tried to explain them away as something you just have to deal with because of spring allergies?
Maybe that’s not what’s behind your discomfort.
Today, Dr. Hanson and our team at Oregon Smile Care Center want to fill you in on how we may be able to help you get to the bottom of your pain and find relief from it for good!

Why A Dentist Cares About Your Headache Pain

A headache here and there isn’t a big deal.
Neither is a migraine, for that matter.
Both can be miserable, but intermittently, they don’t necessarily interfere with your life.
It’s when you experience them with more frequency that they can become a problem.
One of the causes could be your TMJ, the joint on both sides of your head just under your ears. It’s a joint that’s in constant use, which makes it easy to understand why even a slight misalignment can lead to painful problems.
When that happens, it’s called TMJ disorder, or TMD, and can often lead to frequent painful headaches and migraines.
Here, a dentist like Dr. Hanson is the perfect source for relief! Your bite is an incredibly important part of the look and function of your teeth, oral health, and something in which Dr. Hanson has years of expertise!

The Far-Reaching Problems Of TMJ Disorder

The problems created by TMJ disorder are more far-reaching than headaches and migraines, as if those aren’t reason enough to be miserable most of the time!
An alignment adjustment in your jaw joint can extend to other nearby areas, yet they don’t always seem linked enough to sound the alarm to many patients that their symptoms can be traced back to one problem.
For example, you may experience:
-Pain and tension in your neck and shoulders
-Pain in your jaw
-Earache pain
-Clicking or popping when you chew
-Teeth grinding and jaw clenching involuntarily
There is some debate among experts about the last one, grinding and clenching, otherwise known as bruxism.
That’s because TMJ disorder can either bring this habit on, or it could be the root cause of your misalignment in the first place.
Regardless, it’s important to get to the bottom of your joint problems so we can treat it in our Salem, OR dental office.

Find Relief With A Custom Mouthguard

If it turns out that TMJ disorder is behind your pain, tension, and discomfort, we can help you find solutions.
We have found that in many cases, all it takes is small oral appliance to get rid of the strain being put on your jaw joint.
It works much like a standard mouthguard, custom-made to fit you comfortably.
You wear it at night, and while you’re sleeping, the nite guard keeps your jaw in the right position so you don’t grind your teeth or add undue pressure to the joint that causes all the miserable symptoms we’ve talked about in today’s blog.
Many times, we find it’s enough to allow your TMJ to correct itself so you can eventually live pain-free easily!

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You probably never thought to check with a dentist about your headaches and migraines.
But the truth is, Dr. Hanson has years of experience helping patients in the Salem, OR area find relief from their pain.
That’s because he’s trained in TMJ therapy and finding lasting solutions to help you live pain-free!
Our team can determine if TMJ problems are behind your discomfort and will work to alleviate it for good!
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