Dental Tips For A Smooth Start To The School Year [BLOG]

Now that summer break is winding down for many families, you might be feeling a little stressed about making that transition back to school.
There is always so much to take care of in the days and weeks leading up to the first day, and one thing you don’t want to fall through the cracks is your child’s dental health.
We’re here to help! Dr. Hanson is your family’s trusted Salem, OR dentist who can help you get their smiles ready for a great year!

Dental Tips For A Smooth Start To The School Year!

We want all of our patients who are heading off to school to begin the year on the right foot. So here are some helpful dental tips for a smooth start!

*Schedule A Dental Cleaning & Exam*

We get to see many of our youngest patients this time of year at Oregon Smile Care Center. Families are out and about gathering new school supplies, buying clothes, and getting back-to-school haircuts. They also bring them to see Dr. Hanson and our skilled hygienists for deep cleanings and thorough exams.
If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you do the same for your kids so they can start a new school year with a clean, healthy smile! We can provide sealants and fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay and cavities, too, which is a great way to avoid any missed instruction time in the classroom.

*Get Back To Your School-Year Routine*

As much as kids may fight it, they thrive under an established routine. Although it’s hard to get back to earlier bedtimes and wake up calls when summer break ends, after a week or two, your kids will be used to it and less likely to raise a fuss.
When your family gets into a comfortable, clear pattern of daily brushing and flossing, you’ll all be able to enjoy a smoother adjustment to a new schedule.
You can also have peace of mind that doing the same things at the same time each morning and night, liking cleaning their teeth, will become a lifelong healthy habit so they keep on smiling well into adulthood!

*Pack Teeth-Friendly Lunches*

One of the best ways you can protect your child’s teeth and gums is to help them maintain a well-balanced, nutritious diet. This can be particularly challenging during the school year, especially if they eat lunch prepared in the cafeteria.
If you want to make sure they’re eating healthy foods and drinking milk or water, you may need to think about packing their lunches this year.
Teeth-friendly foods like fresh fruit, cut-up raw veggies, string cheese, and almonds are all great choices to build and strengthen their tooth enamel. Also, avoid the sugar-packed fruit juices, sodas, and sports drinks and pack a bottle of water or keep cold milk in their thermos. This will keep their mouth cleaner during the school day and prevent tooth decay more effectively.

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Dr. Hanson and all of us at Oregon Smile Care Center hope your family can enjoy a smooth transition from summer break to a new school year. We’d love to help you do that with our family dentistry services so the ones you love most can flash a healthy, beautiful smile!
Call our Salem, OR dental office today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule your family’s next cleaning and exam.

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