Cosmetic Dentistry: Now Vs. Later [BLOG]

If you’ve asked yourself whether you’re the right age for cosmetic dentistry, then you’ll love today’s blog from our team at Oregon Smile Care Center!
We’re giving you some insight into what cosmetic treatment in our Salem, OR dental office might look like if you invested now when you’re young versus later when you’re a bit older.

Cosmetic Dentistry At A Young Age

Appearance matters, there’s no denying that. And it’s natural to want to look attractive!
This is just as much a priority for younger patients, as well as older patients.
But here are a few reasons teenagers especially should probably wait until later to get cosmetic dentistry:

*Your Teeth Are Still Moving*

You might think your teeth stop moving once adult teeth have come in, but in reality, your teeth continue to shift long after that happens.
In fact, your teeth don’t ever stop moving entirely, so it wouldn’t make much sense to alter a smile that may change in the next few years.

*Your Teeth Aren’t ‘Wise’ Enough*

No, teeth aren’t smart or stupid. We’re talking about your wisdom teeth!
These teeth don’t come in until your late teens or early twenties, so it would be silly to undergo dental treatment for cosmetic reasons if your wisdom teeth haven’t come in yet. You’d risk movement or crowding that could waste your cosmetic dentistry investment.

*Your Priorities & Resources Are Different*

Some may assume it’s a matter of maturity, but really, it’s about priorities. When you’re in high school, college, or even a few years removed from it, you have different goals to focus on at this stage in life. Your schedule may not have room for cosmetic treatment and maintenance right now.

Cosmetic Dentistry When You’re Older

Sometimes, it’s best to delay gratification if you want to get the most out of cosmetic dentistry. Here are just a few common reasons why people put off treatment until they’re a bit older:

*You’re More Mature Now*

Like most investments, you have to be able to commit yourself to maintaining your smile if you want that investment to last as long as possible.
For that reason, many adults find that as their priorities have changed with age, they’re more willing to put in the extra work it takes to truly care for your teeth and gums to get the most of out of cosmetic treatment.

*You’re Financially Stable*

At a certain point, at least professionally speaking, you’re able to enjoy much more financial stability once you have a few years under your belt in your career.
That’s why waiting until you have the means to pay for cosmetic dentistry is preferable to getting any major work done when you’re just beginning your professional journey.

*Your Teeth Are Ready*

When you’re older, your teeth are more ready for cosmetic dentistry. Not they’ve stopped moving completely, but the shifting has at least slowed to the point where it would make more sense to have treatment done knowing you won’t have to redo any major treatments in the near future.

*YOU Are Ready*

It’s very human to want to look good, and this is true no matter your age. But there are certain milestones you’ll experience when you’re older that more commonly warrant cosmetic dentistry.
You’re more established in your career and want to go for a promotion.
You want to look great for your, or someone else’s, wedding.
There’s an upcoming reunion that inspires you to make some enhances with your appearance.
You have gone long enough feeling insecure about your smile problems and finally want to feel confident about the way you look.

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