Cosmetic Dentistry For A Stunning Summer Smile [BLOG]

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy takes work, but it’s well worth it for a host of reasons.
One of them is that it makes you a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry!
Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center offers a modern dental practice where you have an array of cosmetic solutions to suit your needs.
It’s all about knowing what you want your smile to look like and matching that vision with the appropriate treatment, which is a breeze with a skilled, experienced dentist like Dr. Hanson.
With his help, you’ll find your way to a stunning smile for summer!

Cosmetic Dentistry For A Stunning Vacation Smile

Summer is just getting started, which means you still have time to beautify your smile with cosmetic dentistry at Oregon Smile Care Center.
Here are a few treatments we want you to know about!

*Teeth Whitening Makes Your Smile Shine*

Attractiveness, confidence, and a healthy-looking smile can all be achieved with something as simple a teeth whitening visit to our Salem, OR dental office.
Our reputable whitening systems are powerful enough to give you instantly whiter teeth, which will brighten your smile, boost your confidence, and enhance your overall look.
There’s also a convenient take-home system you can choose if you’re interested in administering effective treatment at your own pace and on your own time.

*Dental Veneers Can Make Your Smile Stand Out*

A smile just like one you’d see on the big screen is easily achieved with dental veneers.
Designed to give you a standout smile just like the celebrities flash on the red carpet, your veneers are specially made to fit over your damaged, discolored teeth so you have a lasting, radiant smile! This cosmetic solution is known for its power to instantly whiten, straighten, and perfect a flawed smile all at once.

*Invisalign For A Straight Smile Next Summer*

Crooked teeth take a longer time to fix. Normally, you would rely on standard braces that straighten teeth and close gaps over a 2-3 year period.
But there is another way.
A faster, more comfortable way, in fact!
Invisalign is one of our specialties at Oregon Smile Care Center. It involves a year-long treatment using a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners to gently shift your teeth to where they need to be.
It may not happen this summer, but by next summer, you could have the straight, beautiful smile of your dreams!

*A Smile Makeover Can Overhaul Your Smile*

Don’t be overwhelmed by several smile problems. There’s a way to correct all types of cosmetic flaws one by one with a smile makeover.
You and Dr. Hanson can decide on a customized plan that joins two or more cosmetic treatments that will result in the smile you want and deserve.

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Your new smile is waiting for you in Salem, OR!
At Oregon Smile Care Center, you have all the cosmetic treatments you need for the stunning smile you want this summer!
Dr. Hanson can help you decide which direction to go to reach your goals within a timeframe and budget you’re comfortable with.
Let’s get started! Call our Salem, OR dental office today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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