Celebrate The Season With Sedation Dentistry [BLOG]

You’re settling in for another long, glorious holiday season with family and friends. And as you reflect on the last year and everything you’ve accomplished, there’s one thing that still weighs on your mind.
You’ve let another year go by avoiding the dentist as much as possible. Maybe you began the year with good intentions about getting your oral health back on track, but once again, your dental fear got the best of you.
We can help you turn that around at the Oregon Smile Care Center. We have a warm, caring team, a comfortable environment, and advanced technology, all provided to help you feel more relaxed while visiting our Salem, OR dental office.
Today, we’re giving you some hope for better oral health in the new year by celebrating our sedation dentistry!

Celebrate Good Oral Health This Season!

Have you let your fear of the dentist keep you from routine cleanings and exams? Has it been a long time since you last visited the dentist?
If you answered yes to these questions, then chances are your teeth and gums have suffered the consequences. But our team at the Oregon Smile Care Center has great news for you!
You can get back to better oral health in 2018 in our Phoenix, AZ dental office. We offer treatment that will help eradicate gum disease, restore damaged teeth, and even replace missing teeth.
Whatever state of oral health you find yourself in as we close out another year, you can begin the new year with a dedication to healthier teeth and gums with help from Dr. Hanson and our warm, caring staff.

Feel Peace & Joy With Sedation Dentistry!

For millions of Americans, going to the dentist is an experience that fills them with dread and anxiety. But at the Oregon Smile Care Center, you’ll find peace and joy with our sedation dentistry and comfort options!
We understand why so many people are nervous about professional dental care. That’s why Dr. Hanson and our team are so committed to giving you a positive experience when you visit our Salem, OR dental office.
You can feel more relaxed in our warm, cozy office by listening to music, watching television, or by enjoying one of our complimentary beverages. But if you need a little extra help getting comfortable, we also offer two forms of sedation to calm your nerves.
Nitrous Oxide – This will help patients of all ages feel much more relaxed while receiving treatment. By inhaling nitrous oxide, or commonly called laughing gas, you can get the dental care you need while staying calm and peaceful.
Oral Sedation – This is appropriate for you if your level of anxiety is a bit more intense or if you need longer, more complicated treatment. You will be given oral medication before your appointment to help you feel calm and peaceful so that your treatment won’t bother you at all. You’ll need to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment with this form of sedation.
Regardless of your level of anxiety or the kind of treatment you require, you’ll come away feeling much more confident about professional dental care. You’ll experience the peace of sedation dentistry and the joy of a healthy, beautiful smile!

Call To Learn More About Sedation Dentistry!

At this festive time of the year, we often take time to reflect on the ways we can improve ourselves and our quality of life. It invites us to make resolutions for new goals and rededicating ourselves to new ones.
Let better oral health be one of those goals you set for yourself for the upcoming year. With sedation dentistry and comfort options at the Oregon Smile Care Center, dental anxiety is something you can overcome with help from Dr. Hanson and our caring team.
You have so many reasons to celebrate this season. Make a healthy, beautiful smile one of them!
Call our Salem, OR dental office today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask us about the ways we can help you feel more comfortable while in our care!

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