Bye, Bye Bad Smile: Put On Veneers Instead

In the musical, Bye Bye Birdie, characters sing:
Take off the gloomy mask of tragedy
It’s not your style
You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad
You decided to smile
This is part of the song, “Put On A Happy Face,” but it could apply to cosmetic dentistry in general and to dental veneers in particular.
We offer veneers for our patients at Oregon Smile Care Center because we know how effective they can be at changing smiles … and changing attitudes as well.
Our team has seen time and time again what a difference veneers can make for our patients. That could make that same kind of difference on you and your smile. To find out, start with a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Hanson, at our office in Salem, OR.
What Veneers Are
If you wanted to change the exterior appearance of your house, you could tear down the whole thing or you could do something much simpler. You could add siding to the outside.
Clean, new siding can change how your house looks without requiring you to destroy the solid foundation behind it.
In a way, dental veneers are like that siding, only for your teeth. Veneers are a shell that is custom-fitted for your teeth. When they are bonded to your teeth, your smile can look dramatically different in a good way.
Before you can get veneers, however, you should talk to Dr. Hanson about the reason you would like to change your smile. Veneers can fix a wide range of issues, but in some cases, another kind of cosmetic dentistry might be a better solution for you.
We want to find the right way to give you the smile that you want.
What Veneers Can Do
Before we get into the specific ways that veneers can physically change your smile, we want to touch on the emotional benefits of good cosmetic dentistry.
Dr. Hanson became a dentist because he wants to help people. In his time as a working professional, he has seen how valuable cosmetic dentistry can be.
We can’t tell you how many patients who felt ashamed about their teeth have come to our office. With something as simple as a cosmetic treatment like veneers, their teeth can be transformed, and that transformation often carries over into their self-confidence as well.
Keep that in mind as we review some of the ways veneers can change your smile:
➤ Restore the shape of your teeth
You may have had really nice teeth when you were younger. But how about today? Your teeth may be worn down from years of eating hard and crunchy foods, using your teeth to open packages, biting your nails, or teeth grinding.
Then again, your teeth may have become chipped as a result of small accidents over the years. The point is that your teeth don’t look like they once did.
With veneers, you can restore the shape and size of your teeth so you smile looks like the one you remember from your youth.
➤ Correct the spacing issues between your teeth
Do you have a gap or gaps in your smile? Do some of your teeth look like they are crowded together and fighting for room in your mouth?
Veneers can help with both of these issues. A quality set of veneers, like the ones you will get at Oregon Smile Care Center, will give you the appearance of teeth that are evenly spaced — no gaps and no crowding.
➤ Straighten your crooked teeth
Maybe you didn’t have orthodontic treatment when you were younger, but now you are well aware of the way your teeth are not quite in line. You may not want to spend years wearing braces, but you would like your teeth to look straight.
With veneers, your wish could be granted in a matter of a few weeks.
➤ Whiten your smile
Teeth whitening can be effective at removing stains from your teeth, but those stains will return over time. Besides, not all discoloration is the result of stains.
With veneers, you can cover your teeth and make they look as white as you want them to be. As a bonus, veneers are more stain resistant than your natural teeth, so you will be able to keep that white smile for a longer time.
Put On Your Happy Face
Are you ready to “spread sunshine all over the place” and put on your happy face? Then call Dr. Hanson at (503) 837-2718 or use our online form to request an appointment at our dentist office if you live in or near Salem, OR.

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