Adults Don’t Have To Give Up On A Straight Smile [BLOG]

You want a great-looking smile. Who doesn’t?
But if crooked or gapped teeth are your main cosmetic problems, you know the best way to get it is with some type of orthodontic treatment.
If you’re like many people, your mind immediately goes to conventional braces – dark metal brackets bonded to every tooth strung together with hard wires.
It creates a jungle of obstacles inside your mouth to many things that should be relatively simple, and even enjoyable, like:

  • Biting into a fresh, juicy apple
  • Chewing sugarless gum to freshen your breath
  • Eating lunch in front of other people
  • Keeping your teeth clean with routine brushing
  • Giving your teeth a quick floss after a meal
  • Getting through the day without dental pain or mouth sores
  • Smiling confidently for pictures

These are things we take for granted unless we’re wearing braces! So we can understand why going after the straight smile you want isn’t such an easy decision, especially for adults who are well beyond the stage in life where they want to fool with the inconveniences or restrictions of that kind of treatment.
But before you give orthodontics a hard pass, there’s an alternative you should consider.
Visit Dr. Hanson at Oregon Smile Care Center this summer for an Invisalign consultation! It’s a discreet, effective, and quicker way to straighten teeth, and adults love it!

With Invisalign, The Choice Is Clear!

We’ve been at this for a long time, so it’s no surprise to us why you’ve waited this long to pursue orthodontic treatment.
Every now and then, just when you think you’re ready to make all those unattractive sacrifices metal braces would require, you talk yourself out of it when you visualize the next two years of your life with dark brackets and wires all over your teeth.
We get it! You’re an adult, and you paid your dues in that awkward phase of feeling insecure about your looks long ago during adolescence.
Who in their right mind would want to return to that?!
You don’t have to, thanks to Invisalign at Oregon Smile Care Center!
Dr. Hanson is an expert dentist who’s spent years administering this clear aligner treatment so adults can confidently pursue a better-looking smile… people just like you who didn’t want to endure a couple more years of insecurity from wearing metal braces.
Invisalign straightens teeth in a series of phases, where you keep switching from one clear set of aligners that fit over your teeth to another every few weeks, until your teeth have moved successfully.
In most cases, you can complete the series in about a year. And all the while, no one will be able to tell you’re wearing braces! They’re nearly impossible to notice unless you point them out to someone!
You can also take them out for easy oral hygiene and more enjoyable eating!
With Invisalign, the choice of whether or not to undergo orthodontic treatment in adulthood is clear!

Schedule A Consultation!

Spend a little time this summer exploring the possibilities for your smile in Salem, OR!
Dr. Hanson is an experienced Invisalign dentist who has spent years giving older teens and adults the straight, beautiful smiles they didn’t think were possible without having to wear traditional braces.
Find out if Invisalign is the clear orthodontic solution for you!
To schedule a consultation at Oregon Smile Care Center, call us today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form .

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