5 Ways You’ll Benefit From Dental Veneers [BLOG]

Is the smile you currently have one that makes you look and feel your best and gives you confidence to pursue your dreams and goals?
Everyone’s answer to that question should be yes!
Your smile is important, so if it’s not one that makes you happy and proud, then you need to call Oregon Smile Care Center to set up a consultation with Dr. Hanson for dental veneers!

5 Ways You’ll Benefit From Dental Veneers

Veneers are very thin, nearly translucent e.max porcelain caps that are bonded to your teeth to conceal all sorts of unsightly cosmetic flaws that make you feel insecure.
During the design phase, you’ll appreciate the collaborative process, where Dr. Hanson will help you determine things like the shade of white that suits your veneers best. With each step, we do all we can to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with the progress.
Once your customized veneers are finished, you’ll walk out of our Salem, OR dental office looking and feeling like a new person!

*1 – You’ll Look Fantastic*

There’s a reason dental veneers are what many people say are the secret to a Hollywood smile.
It’s because they make your smile pop like few other cosmetic treatments can.
They conceal multiple flaws and make your smile look whiter, more even, and straight.
Everyone’s needs at the start of the veneers process are different, but the results are always the same. It’s a smile you will love!

*2 – You’ll Feel Great About Yourself*

The obvious consequence a fantastic-looking smile is a newfound confidence!
You’ll feel as great as you look when you choose veneers. You will carry yourself differently because you’ll have the security that a bright, attractive, healthy smile can give you.

*3 – Your Teeth Will Be Bright White*

Similar to tooth bonding, veneers instantly brighten your smile, hiding years of stains and making you look younger!
The difference, though, is that veneers will resist stains as long as you wear them.
A whiter smile for a couple of decades? Where do we sign up?!
Along with that, you care for your dental veneers exactly the same way you clean your natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing.

*4 – Your Teeth Will Be Safer*

Many times, veneers are a preferred option for restorative reasons, as well as cosmetic.
That’s because they serve as a protective layer over teeth that may be cracked, chipped, or weakened.
Dr. Hanson will use a powerful bonding material to attach your veneers to your teeth, which seals up any openings on your natural enamel so nothing can penetrate the inside of your teeth.

*5 – Your Smile Will Look Great For Years*

As thin and delicate as they are, you wouldn’t expect veneers to be so strong and durable.
But that’s exactly how they perform for you. Resistant to stains and strong enough to withstand the demands of real teeth, these shells cap your own teeth and keep your smile looking amazing for a couple of decades or more as long as you take care of them!

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It’s time to stop wondering what your life would be like if you had a dazzling, attractive smile and start taking the steps toward your new smile!
First, you’ll have a sit down consultation with Dr. Hanson, then you begin the design process and eventually enjoy the amazing, and life-changing, results of your veneers.
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