3 Ways To Protect Your Smile This Summer! [BLOG]

Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center do all we can to keep your smile healthy.
That means giving you the most helpful dental tips with our blog, as well as offering the latest techniques to keep your teeth and gums strong and safe.
Today, we want to remind you about some of our general and restorative dentistry treatments you might want to take advantage of during this particular time of the year.
Summer can get pretty hot in Salem, OR, so Dr. Hanson and our team wants to do all we can to keep your smile from feeling the heat!

3 Ways To Protect Your Smile This Summer!

At Oregon Smile Care Center, we offer the latest in dental technology so you get the most accurate early detection methods and treatment strategies for a healthy, beautiful smile.
With that in mind, we’re suggesting three ways we can help you protect your smile this summer!

*Kick Your Teeth Grinding Habit*

Teeth grinding is something that you may not even know you’re doing. When you feel tense or stressed, you may clench your jaw and grind your teeth involuntarily.
Grinding your teeth might also be a nighttime habit you’re unaware of, which can lead to painful symptoms and fatigue the following day.
Dr. Hanson can look for evidence that you’re grinding your teeth, and if he finds it, he can custom-make a mouthguard for you to wear while you sleep to keep your upper and lower teeth from touching.
This will protect your tooth enamel from damage and preserve your smile from your teeth being worn down from all the clenching and grinding.

*Get A Dental Cleaning & Exam*

Summer is the perfect time to get a dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Hanson.
It’s the halfway mark of the year, so making a habit of scheduling one of your two yearly exams during the summer months makes it easier to remember to schedule it.
It can also give us the chance to check for problems that may be forming inside your mouth. Our technology allows for early detection of things like tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. That will increase the likelihood of more successful treatment.
We can also make sure you aren’t suffering from dry mouth, which can be quite common during the hottest months of the year. Lack of saliva puts you at risk for enamel erosion, which weakens your teeth and leaves you more susceptible to oral health and smile problems.

*Repair Teeth With Restorative Treatment*

If you have dental problems like a cavity, a cracked tooth, or a toothache, it’s important to get restorative treatment before you get too far into the summer.
Any time you have a problem going on inside your mouth and don’t get it treated, you risk the problem getting worse, and you risk spending the rest of the season in pain!
You can’t enjoy yourself during special summer events if you can’t eat comfortably or smile confidently.
That’s why you should schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry.
We can fill your cavity using tooth-colored material so you don’t disrupt your smile’s appearance. You can treat an infected tooth with a root canal to save it and keep the infection from spreading.
And you can strengthen and protect a damaged tooth with a new dental crown that looks natural and is crafted in one visit thanks to our CEREC same-day technology!
A compromised tooth is an easy path to a dental emergency, and that’s the last thing you want to happen when you’re trying to enjoy your summer!

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Whether you need to repair damaged teeth, kick your teeth grinding habit, or get help with dry mouth, Dr. Hanson and our team are here to help you protect your summer smile.
We want you to enjoy this time with family and friends with a great smile and without pain.
Make sure to visit our Salem, OR dental office for the treatment you need to get the most from the season!
Call Oregon Smile Care Center today at (503) 809-4784 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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