3 Ways To Protect Your Smile This Spring! [BLOG]

Spring is a busy time for families, which means you might soon be too sidetracked with vacation plans or hectic sports schedules to think much about your dental health.
No worries!
Your friends at Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem are here to make your family’s dental care just a little bit easier!

3 Ways To Protect Your Smile This Spring

Here are three ways you can protect your smile this spring, whether at home, far away, or hard at play!

#1 – Plan Ahead For Dental Emergencies!

Long after your days as a student are over, you probably still look forward to spring break every year because you have kids who are still in school.
But before you head off on your family vacation, make sure you’ve planned ahead for emergencies by researching your destination for emergency dentists in the area.
And whether you’re going out of town or not, you can always be prepared by creating your own home dental emergency kit that includes items like:
*Plastic or rubber gloves
*A dental mirror
*Dental cement
*OTC non-aspirin pain relievers
*A clean cloth or rag
*Sterile pads
*A small sealable container
One final tip is to get an athletic mouthguard from Dr. Hanson for anyone in your family participating in a spring sport! It’s the best way to keep their teeth and gums safe!

#2 – Treat Your Nagging Dental Problem!

Tooth sensitivity, painful chewing, or any sort of nagging dental problem should be treated as early as possible.
That way, you’re more likely to prevent dental emergencies, unnecessary discomfort, and unsightly cosmetic flaws with your smile.
Don’t put off dental treatment, like a dental filling, root canal, or gum therapy, thinking you’ll have time later. What you could actually be doing is making things harder, and more costly, for yourself down the road, after those issues have become more serious.

#3 – Get A Dental Checkup!

No matter the season, we’re always going to be here to offer those friendly reminders about routine dental cleanings and exams!
They’re a critical part of keeping your mouth healthy, not to mention these dental checkups help make it easier for you to prevent and handle the issues we’ve already discussed in today’s blog!
Dr. Hanson and our hygienists are extensively trained in monitoring your oral health and treating cavities, dental damage, and gum disease while they’re small. This will help you enjoy full oral function and a great-looking smile all year long.

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A healthy smile takes diligence, both in your oral care at home and at the dentist office.
When you take steps to prevent dental problems, and are prepared to handle them when you can’t, then maintaining good oral health for a lifetime is easy!
Especially when you rely on Dr. Hanson and our skilled team at Oregon Smile Care Center!
Keep your smile healthy this spring, and call our Salem, OR dental office today at 503-837-2718 or fill out our online form to schedule your next appointment.

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