3 Ways To Protect Your Family’s Teeth During The Holidays [BLOG]

Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center wants to wish you and your family a healthy, happy holiday season and offer some tips for getting through the festivities with your strong smile intact!

3 Ways To Protect Your Family’s Teeth During The Holidays

Here are three ways you can protect your family’s teeth during the busy holiday season so you can keep everyone’s smiles healthy and strong heading into the new year!

*Give Yourself Time For Daily Oral Hygiene*

One of the most obvious ways your smile can be negatively affected by the holidays is how it impacts your oral hygiene routine.
You might be traveling or just busier than usual this time of year, which makes it easy for your normal schedule to be thrown out of balance, and for you to forget or be too worn out to brush or floss.
You want to do all you can to stick to your usual oral care regimen as much as possible, despite the change to your routine and surroundings.
It doesn’t take long, even as little as 24 hours, for harmful plaque to start building up on your teeth and gums, so do what you have to do to remind yourself to brush twice and floss once per day throughout the season!

*Give Yourself The Right Tools*

We’ve often written about the importance of using best practices with your daily oral hygiene regimen, and that includes the kind of tools and products you use.
The ADA suggests using a soft-bristle toothbrush rather than a hard-bristle brush, which may come as a surprise to many people. While it makes sense to assume that a toothbrush that scrubs the surface of your teeth with more force will mean a better clean, it’s not good for your enamel.
It can be too harsh on your teeth and gums, which is why soft-bristles are best. If you have issues with dexterity, such as arthritis, for example, an electric toothbrush is also a wise choice because it does much of the work for you when you can’t.
Toothpaste is also important, so make sure to buy one with the ADA seal that contains fluoride for better protection against tooth decay and cavities.
When it comes to dental floss, the most important thing to remember is that the type you use doesn’t matter. What’s most essential to a healthy mouth is that you floss, period! It dislodges food particles and debris that brushing misses to eliminate the power source of bad bacteria.

*Give Your Mouth A Rinse*

Water is always important for your oral and overall health, but it can be especially helpful during the holidays.
We’re not just talking about how much water you’re drinking each day, although that’s not something you want to let fall by the wayside this season.
But just as beneficial for your teeth and gums is to give your mouth a rinse after you’ve had anything to eat or drink. A quick rinse with water here and there throughout the day will help keep your mouth clean of the tiny particles that feed harmful bacteria.

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We hope you found today’s blog helpful as you and your family celebrate the holiday season!
As long as you’re aware of the ways certain foods, drinks, and habits can affect your family’s teeth this time of year, you’ll be better armed with the right tools and information to keep everyone smiling!
We’re here to help you when the holidays are over, so be sure to visit our Salem, OR dental office for a cleaning and exam to keep your oral health on track for the new year.
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