3 Simple Solutions For A Prettier Smile [BLOG]

We hope you’re enjoying the warm, fresh air of summertime! Our Salem, OR dental office has been seeing a steady stream of patients who want to improve their smile for a special summer event but may not have the time or money for complicated, expensive treatments. Today’s blog is for you if you’d like some ideas for simple ways to achieve a prettier smile without breaking the bank or ...

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A Quick Guide To Dental Fillings

Tooth decay affects millions of Americans every year. By acting early, you can prevent long-term oral health problems and preserve your smile with a tooth-colored filling. If you live in or near Salem, OR, you can get a dental filling at Oregon Smile Care Center. To make an appointment at our dentist office, just call or fill out our online form. ...

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Filling You In About Replacement Fillings

You probably remember that cavity you got five or 10 years ago. It was a little embarrassing, and it gave your mother the kind of "I told you so" moment that you were hoping to avoid. If there was a benefit to having tooth decay, it's that you learned your lesson. Since that day, you have been very deliberate about brushing and flossing your teeth every day. (OK, maybe you don't floss every day, ...

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Do Your Teeth Deserve Better Than Silver?

You had cavities several years ago, and you did what you needed to do at the time to protect your teeth. You got amalgam fillings. From a practical standpoint, there is nothing wrong with these silver-colored fillings. They can and do protect your teeth against new decay. That's all well and good. But they also may make you more self-conscious about your smile. After all, your filling is a tiny ...

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