You Don’t Have To Hide With A Same-Day Smile! [BLOG]

You’re at the local park with a group of friends enjoying a game of ultimate frisbee. Suddenly, you’re blindsided by a teammates elbow that’s just crashed into your face while both of you made a jump for the catch. Once you take a minute to gather yourself, you realize there’s blood coming from your mouth, and you’ve knocked out two of your front teeth. Luckily, you’re a patient of ...

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Celebrate: It’s Dental Implant Month!

It's that time of year when people all over the world get together with family and friends. We play games like pin the crown on the implant and bobbing for apples with teeth replacements. We can't wait for the big parade, either ... What? You don't know what we mean. It's Dental Implant Month. At least, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry says so. OK, so maybe we aren't really having a ...

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Don’t Wait For Weeks To Get Your Smile Back

How long would you be willing to go without teeth? The rest of your life? Six months? How about less than a day? If you are in the less than a day group, then you may want to know more about Same Day Smile, which is available at Oregon Smile Care Center. Ideally, none of our patients would need this service. As much as we enjoy living and working in The Beaver State, we know it's not perfect, and ...

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