Restorative Dentistry Before & After [PHOTO]

Dental crowns and other restorations look more natural than ever before here at the Oregon Smile Care Center. Here’s just one example from one of many patient success stories in our Salem dental office. Thanks to our modern technology, no one will ever be able to tell which of your teeth needed restorative dentistry in the first place! Trust your restorations to our team! Give us a call at (503) 809-4784 ...

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Bring Back Your Whiter, Brighter Smile! [BLOG]

Autumn is finally here! This season brings us a much needed break from the heat and lots of opportunities to enjoy the cool crispness of the fresh outdoors and colorful landscape. In fact, one one of the best parts about this time of the year is watching the leaves change color before our eyes. If you’re like most people, you probably start to see your social calendar fill up pretty quickly as ...

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Renew Your Smile With Restorative Dentistry [BLOG]

The human body is an incredible machine with amazing healing capabilities. When you break a bone, it can fuse together over time with renewed strength. But unfortunately, one of the things we can’t do is regrow teeth after they’re lost. Thank goodness, then, for restorative dentistry! With advances in medicine and technology, our team at Oregon Smile Care Center are able to help you make your ...

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How Dental Crowns Save Your Smile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dr. Hanson will always do everything he can to save a damaged tooth. One of the ways he’s able to do that for patients is with dental crowns. Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center here in Salem wants to show you an infographic that lists some of the ways that dental crowns can save your smile! If you have a tooth that’s been damaged by decay, infection, or injury, trust your dental ...

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Recapture Your Youth With Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

When you think about ways to turn back time and recapture your youth, you probably think about expensive beauty products or painful plastic surgery. Our team at Oregon Smile Care Center has good news for you! You can recapture your youth without costly surgeries and anti-wrinkle creams. You can look younger just by coming to our Salem dental office for cosmetic dentistry. Today, we’re sharing ...

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A Little Tooth Bonding Goes A Long Way [BLOG]

It’s amazing how far dentistry has come in the last few decades. Modern technology allows Dr. Hanson and our team at Oregon Smile Care Center to restore and beautify smiles in life-changing ways every single day. You can go from a toothless smile to a full set of strong, natural-looking dental implants and restorations. You can go from slippery, uncomfortable dentures to more secure, longer ...

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Protect Your Smile With Dental Crowns [VIDEO]

It happens to the best of us. You’re eating something and suddenly hear a sound you shouldn’t hear, and then realize it’s an old filling. Kevin experienced this and needed to repair and protect his smile. He trusted his new dental crowns and fillings to Dr. Hanson and our team at the Oregon Smile Care Center. Hear all about Kevin’s story in today’s video. When you need to protect your ...

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Get The Smile Of Your Dreams [PHOTO]

When you think about your dream smile, what does it look like? Is it whiter? Straighter? Or maybe it’s free from the flaws that currently plague your smile now such as cracks, chips, or gaps? How about giving your imagination a little help? Just look at today’s before and after photo from one of our patients. Dr. Hanson at the Oregon Smile Care Center in Salem, OR can help you turn your dream ...

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Exercise For Your Oral Health! [BLOG]

We’re in the prime time of summer, and that means more and more people are rededicating themselves to staying in shape for swimsuit season. If you’re one of those people seeking to improve your lifestyle for the sake of better health, our Salem, OR dental team applauds your efforts! We understand how tough it is to get back to the gym after a long hiatus. Making healthier choices in terms of ...

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4 Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry [INFOGRAPHIC]

What better time than summer to overcome your dental anxiety? At the Oregon Smile Care Center, we give you the chance to do just that thanks to our sedation dentistry. Dr. Hanson and our caring team in Salem, OR offer oral sedation and comfort amenities that can help you take back control of your oral health from the fear that’s been keeping you from the dentist’s chair. Take a look at ...

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